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Published Dec 3, 2016

Moose Jaw Police Service Daily Media Release

December 2-3, 2016

From 0700 hours to 0700 hours

                                                                           Calls for Service: 40


0838hrs – 1300 blk 6th Av NW – Parking – Vehicle towed for blocking a driveway.

0903hrs – 900 blk Caribou St W – Collision – 3 vehicle collision, no injury, 1 tow, approximately $5000 damage, no charges.

1152hrs – 1st Av NW at Hall St – Collision – 2 vehicle collision, no injury, 1 tow, approximately $10,000 damage, no charges.

1200hrs – 800 blk Alder Av – Dispute – 2 adults arguing over clothing, options provided.

1245hrs – 100 blk Lillooet St E – Parking – Vehicle towed for being unregistered on the street.

1433hrs – 900 blk Caribou St W – Disturbance – Adult causing problems in a business.  Left upon Police request.

1453hrs – 800 blk Chester Rd – Assist Humane Society – Dog left abandoned.  Apprehended by the Humane Society.

1512hrs – 10th Av NW at Francis St – Collision – 2 vehicle collision, no injuries, approximately $20,000 damage, 2 tows, no charges.

1652hrs – 500 blk Home St W – Unwanted Guest – Adult refusing to leave residence.  Taken home by Police.

1827hrs – 600 blk Fairford St E – Unwanted Guest – Subject gone prior to police arrival.

1841hrs – 800 blk Main St N – Collision – Vehicle collided with a pedestrian, pedestrian stated they were okay and left.  Injuries felt later, still being investigated.

1854hrs – 0 blk Fairford St W – Intoxicated Adult – Intoxicated adult walked across the city in socks and shorts stopped at police station wanting a ride home.  Held in cells until sober.

2047hrs – 0 blk River Park Dr – Dispute – Siblings arguing over friends.

2251hrs – 1300 blk 13th Av SW – Assist to Locate – 2 high risk youth out past house curfew.  One located and taken home, other returned on their own.

0038hrs – 1100 blk 2nd Av NE – Breach Court Order – Adult not home for court ordered curfew.  Charged breach, Warrant to be issued.

0134hrs – 0 blk Wood Lily Dr – Loud Party – Adult warned about noise.

0323hrs – 1200 blk Main St N – Theft – Cell phone stolen, located with find your phone app.  Phone returned to owner.

0349hrs – 500 blk Home St W – Mischief/Threats – Adult issuing threats and broke a window.  Investigation continues.

0454hrs – 800 blk Stadacona St E – Unknown 911 – Adult refusing to leave a residence.  Taken home.


 Curfew Checks x 3

 911 x 9


Warrants x 1