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Moose Jaw Police Service had recently received several complaints of online and phone scams. The most recent include:


Scammers contact potential victims to advise that they have won a prize through “Publisher’s Clearing House” or “Reader’s Digest”. In order to receive the winnings, the scammers request fees up front through Western Union or money transfers in order to cover taxes or legal fees associated to the prize. Scammers will make several requests for further fees, and the victim never receives the prize.


Scammers post online ads offering loans. Victims who respond to the ads are required to send advanced fees or payments in order to cover insurance or initial payments before receiving the loan. Scammers will make several requests for further fees, and the victim never receives the loan.

Moose Jaw Police Service would like to remind the public that unsolicited calls advising that you have won a lottery or prize are scams. Companies such as Publisher’s Clearing House or Reader’s Digest will never request money or fees upfront of receiving prizes. Any fees associated will never be paid through a money service business.

Financial businesses cannot request fees prior to obtaining loans. Never give out your personal information over the phone.

If you have been victim of or believe you have been victim of a scam, contact the Moose Jaw Police Service or go online to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for more information. www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca

Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2017 July 27 to 2017 July 28

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 51


1052hrs – 1300 Block Main St N – Theft – Video of two attempted thefts from business, occurred on two different days.  Still under investigation to retrieve video and identify suspect.


1218hrs – 1600 Block Glendale St – Unwanted Guest – Subject at residence and refusing to leave when asked to do so.  With Police presence, subject left when asked to do so.


1310hrs – 0 Block High St W – Fraud – Fraudulent cheque received from a customer.  Police continue to investigate.


1310hrs – 0 Block Wood Lily Dr – Theft – Subject too hat and left without paying for it.  Still under investigation to review video to identify subject.


1412hrs – 500 Block Thatcher Dr E – Shoplifting – Subject detained by Loss Prevention Officer for shoplifting.  Subject released by Police on mediation as no previous criminal charges.


1435hrs – 0 Block Manitoba St E – Found Bicycle – Bicycle found behind business.  Commissionaires to pick up.


1455hrs – 300 Block Coteau St W – Mischief – Damage to house caused by child.  Parent wished child spoken to by Police.  Child spoken to.


1509hrs – 1400 Block Lakeview Rd – Driving while Prohibited – Information received that subject driving without a licence.  Police continue to investigate.


1540hrs – 1100 Block 1st Av NW – Harassing Communication – Unwanted communication being received.  Under investigation for possible charges.


1605hrs – 700 Block Main St S – Harassing Communication – Subjects communicating with each other when on Court ordered conditions not to have any communication.  Reported for informational purposes as complainant not willing to provide statement for charges.


1609hrs – 0 Block Wood Lily Dr – Harassing Communication – Unwanted messages being received, complainant concerned for safety.  Subject responsible warned as per complainant’s wishes.


1653hrs – 1600 Block Marshall Cr – Bicycle Theft – Sometime in day bicycle stolen from residence and different bicycle left behind.  Stolen bicycle described as a black Diadora bicycle with green lettering.  Bicycle left behind to be picked up by Commissionaires.


1900hrs – 1200 Block Main St N – Theft – Subject attended business at two different times and stole items.  Video footage received, still under investigation to identify subject.


1902hrs – Crescent Park – Harassing Communication – Group participating in a workout class being harassed by other park users.  Subjects responsible spoken to by Police and asked to move along.  One subject detained on outstanding warrants and held for court in the morning.


1905hrs – 1000 Block 3rd Av NE – Hit & Run – Vehicle sideswiped by another vehicle causing approximately $1000 damage, left behind blue and white paint transfer. 


1931hrs – 9th Av NE at Athabasca St E – Impaired Driving – Plate number and vehicle description obtained from vehicle believed to be operated by an impaired driver.  Area of travel checked by Police with negative results.  RID letter to be sent to registered owner.


2133hrs – 700 Block North Service Rd – Theft – Sometime in last week vehicle broken into and tool box stolen.


2207hrs – 0 Block Oxford St W – Mischief – Occurred sometime between 0900 hours to 2200 hours, small dent and paint chip above driver side head light.


2228hrs – Smith Park – Threats – Subject threatened kids at park after child involved in consensual fight with other kids at park.  Subject brandished a broom handle when confronting kids.  Subject located and detained by Police.  Subject charged with possessing a weapon dangerous to the public and resist arrest, released for Court at a later date.


2247hrs – 1100 Block Athabasca St W – Dispute – Verbal disagreement over finances.  One party left residence for the night.


2336hrs – 1500 Block 4th Av NW – Suspicious Occurrence – Group of teenagers seen running in area when saw complainant in vehicle.  Area checked and teenagers located and spoken to.  Teenagers playing man tracker, nothing suspicious.


0154hrs – 200 Block Lillooet St W – MVA – Car versus parked trailer.  Vehicle fled area however was located a short distance away with no one around it.  Registered owner’s residence attended with negative results.  Vehicle towed as not driveable.  Still under investigation for charges by way of registered owner.


0231hrs – 4th Av NW at Laurier St - Fire Call – Vehicle fire.  Police continue to investigate.





911 Calls – 3

Assist Other Agency – 4

Parking Bylaw - 1



Moose Jaw Police Service


26 July 2017 – 27 July 2017


0700 to 0700 hours


Number of Calls: 58




0756hrs – 800 block 5th Ave NW – Dog Barking – Under investigation to speak with home owner.




0807hrs – 800 block Elizabeth St – Theft of Bike – Green and black men’s bike stolen sometime overnight. Police continue to investigate.




0943hrs – 800 block 6th Ave NW – Suspicious Person – Unknown person was seen in back yard of complainant checking gas meter. Police located person nearby and confirmed through ID that the person was employed by a contracting company working for Saskenergy checking for underground gas leaks.




0959hrs – 100 block Athabasca St E – Suspicious Person – Person seen camping in the park was gone on Police arrival. Extra patrols were requested to prohibit people from camping in the park.




1010hrs – 1100 block Athabasca St W – Trespass – An adult was charged for unlawfully being in a dwelling unit and released on an appearance notice to attend court at a later date.




1032hrs – 400 block Maple St W – Dog Dangerous – Complainant’s dog was attacked by another dog not properly restrained. Under investigation.




1152hrs – 1300 block 11th Ave SW – Theft of Electronics & other property – Under investigation to speak with possible suspect.




1201hrs – 9th Ave NW at 1 Hy W – 2 Vehicle Collision – Motorcycle vs semi. One serious but non-life threatening injury, approximately $5,000 damage. One driver charged with leaving stop sign before safe.




1315hrs – 200 block River St E – Dispute – All parties spoken to. Situation mediated.




1454hrs – 300 Main St N – Fraud – Under investigation to contact complainant’s bank.




1508hrs – 900 Main St N – Intoxicated Person – An adult was warned for causing a disturbance.




1514hrs – 1000 block Ominica St E – Mischief – Glass table damaged. Reported for information purposes. 


1517hrs – 0 block Main St N – Loitering – Subject was spoken to and asked to move along.




1534hrs – 1200 block Main St N – Hit & run to vehicle – Damage to passenger side front fender estimated at $1,000. No paint transfer.




1321hrs – 400 block Langdon Cr – Breach of Court Order – Subject was arrested & charged with breaching condition on court order and was detained to attend court in the morning.




1634hrs – 0 block Diefenbaker Dr – Driving Dangerous – Plate number obtained of vehicle disobeying a stop sign. Registered owner was spoken to and warned regarding driving action.




1733hrs – 4th Ave NW at Hochelaga St W – Recovered Stolen Bike – Bike was returned to owner. An adult was charged with possession of stolen property.




1910hrs – 400 block Langdon Cr – Unwanted Guest – An adult was spoken to who left on Police request.




1942hrs – 1500 block Stadacona St W – Threats – Options provided to complainant. 




2023hrs – 200 block 1st Ave NW – Intoxicated Person – An adult was arrested for public intoxication & issued a ticket for drinking in a public place. Detained in cells until sober.




2047hrs – 800 block Athabasca St E – Mischief – Approximately $1,000 damage to window of vehicle. Under investigation to follow up with suspect.




2050hrs – 200 block 1st Ave NW – Unwanted Guest – Subject was spoken to and left on Police request.




2124hrs – 500 block Stadacona St W – Recovered Stolen Vehicle – Vehicle was towed to be processed by the Identification section. Police continue to investigate.




2139hrs – 0 block Fairford St E – Intoxicated Person – An adult was arrested for public intoxication & issued a ticket for having alcohol in a public place. Detained in cells until sober.




2232hrs – 1100 block Bogue Ave – Wellbeing Check – Subject is fine, some communication misconstrued by complainant. Complainant was advised of the outcome.




2308hrs – 500 block 9th Ave NW – Obstruct/Evade Peace Officer – Vehicle evaded Police after vehicle stop was attempted. Description of driver and vehicle obtained and other Police agencies was notified to be on the lookout.




2350hrs – 800 block Duffield St – Breach of Court Orders – 2 Adults arrested and charged with breach of no contact conditions. Both detained in cells to attend court in the morning.




0020hrs – 0 block Manitoba St W – 2 Vehicle Collision – Semi sideswiped car causing approximately $20,000 damage. Driver of semi was charged with operating other than on truck route. One vehicle towed.




0332hrs – 1100 block Coteau St W – Wellbeing Check – Subject is fine, just sleeping. Complainant was advised.






911 Calls – 4


Parking Bylaw – 1


Alarm Calls – 1


Fail to Appear in Court – 1


Assist Other Police Agency - 4