Published Nov 21, 2018


Moose Jaw Police Service

2018 November 20-21

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 53



0702hrs – Stolen Vehicles – Two vehicles stolen and later recovered outside the city.  SUI


0730hrs – Impaired Driving – Adult passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Subject was charged with Impaired Driving, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Cocaine and Methamphetamine as well as Proceeds of Crime.  Held for Court in the morning.


0830hrs – Breach Court Order – 3 adults failed to appear for court ordered fingerprinting.  Warrants issued.


0930hrs – Assist Locate – Youth ran off from school.  Located at a parent’s residence, all okay.


1203hrs – Harassing Calls – Adult received a phone call from someone asking many personal questions.  Old acquaintance attempting to make unwanted contact.  Subject advised to cease contact.


1400hrs – Fail to Attend Court – 4 adults failed to attend Court as ordered.  Warrants issued.


1446hrs – Assist Locate – You ran away from school.  Located safe and sound at home.


1526hrs – Trespass – Adult previously banned from private property was seen on the property.  SUI


1811hrs – Assault – Adult to be charged with assault after they threw their food and containers at restaurant staff.


1909hrs – Impaired Driving – Vehicle seen swerving into traffic and having trouble parking.  Unfounded, no impairment, elderly driver having difficulty in the fog.


2159hrs – Barking Dog – Dog barking continuously throughout the day.  Home owner warned.


0221hrs – Hit and Run – Vehicle hit and damaged, suspect failed to leave information.  Debris left behind, SUI.


0250hrs – Breach Court Order – Adult out past Court ordered curfew.  Charged with breaching order.  Released for court at a later date.


0250hrs – Vehicle Seized – Vehicle seized for three days after driver was found to be impoundable by SGI for previous convictions.


Alarm call x 2

911 x 3

Warrants Executed x 3