Join the Moose Jaw Police Service

The Moose Jaw Police Service is a challenging and rewarding career for policing.

Our competitive testing and selection process ensures we hire the best applicants to become police officers. Applicants who are hired will attend the Recruit Training Class at the Saskatchewan Police College. Recruit graduates then complete a Field Training program under the guidance of experienced police officers.

How to apply

Fully completed application packages may be mailed or hand-delivered to the following address:

Moose Jaw Police Service
Attn: Human Resources
21 Fairford Street West
Moose Jaw, SK

Phone: 306-694-7635

Application Packages

Your application package should contain the following completed documents.
(Note: The required forms may be downloaded from the bottom of this page)

  1. Personal Resume
  2. Application for Police Employment (The Saskatchewan Police Act, 1990 – Form 1)
  3. Personal History Form (The Saskatchewan Police Act, 1990 – Form 2)
  4. Authorization for Release of Information/Statement of Consent
  5. Vision Examination of Applicant
  6. Ethics and Integrity Questionnaire (completed within one month of application)
  7. Associate List of twenty (20) names
  8. Drivers Abstract from province of residence (dated within one month of application)
  9. Current driver’s license (photocopy)
  10. Grade 12 transcripts or GED (photocopy)
  11. Post-secondary transcripts (photocopy)
  12. CPR Certificate, Level ‘C’ (photocopy)
  13. Standard First-Aid Certificate (photocopy)
  14. Proof of legal entitlement to work in Canada (if not born in Canada)
  15. Criminal Record CheckClick here to learn more.

You will only be notified if you are chosen to continue in the selection process. All material will become the property of the Moose Jaw Police Service and will not be returned. All documents, unless otherwise stipulated, must be current within one year of your application.

Requirements Under the Saskatchewan Police Act

  • Age
    – 18 years of age or more.
  • Citizenship
    – Applicants must be legally entitled to work in Canada when submitting their application.
  • Education
    – Successful completion of a Grade 12 education or equivalent.
    – Must possess current Standard First-Aid Certificate and CPR (Level ‘C’) certification.
  • Health
    – Certified by a qualified medical practitioner to be in good health, mentally and physically, and fit for duty as a member of a police service.
  • Visual Acuity
    – Uncorrected visual acuity of 20/60 in both eyes or better, or
    – 20/40 in one eye and 20/100 in the other eye or better without visual aids, correctable to 20/20 or 20/30.
  • Personal Attributes
    – Must have a good command of English, both written and oral.
    – Must be of good moral character and habits.
    – Must possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s licence.

Requirements Specific to the Moose Jaw Police Service

  1. Must undergo a criminal record check (applicants should have no criminal convictions for which a Pardon has not been granted and should have no criminal charges pending before the courts).
  2. Must be free from criminal activity, either detected or undetected by police, for at least three years preceding the application.
  3. Must have a good driving record.
  4. Must submit to a polygraph examination.
  5. Hearing deficiency may exclude an applicant from the competition.
  6. Excellent fitness is essential. Applicants must be prepared to pass a physical abilities test (POPAT) during the selection process.

Education: Because education plays a large role in contemporary policing, applicants who possess post-secondary education or the equivalent work experience will be considered before those who do not. The University of Regina offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Police Studies. This degree is endorsed by the Saskatchewan Police Commission as the education of choice for those seeking a career in policing. Completion of this degree program does not guarantee employment with the Moose Jaw Police Service.

Constable Competency Profile

The following is a list of competencies for a Constable with the Moose Jaw Police Service. Interviews conducted during the recruitment process will focus on the applicant’s past behavior relative to these competencies.

  • Adaptability

    Adjusts own behaviours and approaches in light of new information, and changing situations. Tailors approach to meet needs of individuals and groups.

  • Ethical Accountability & Responsibility

    Takes responsibility for actions and makes decisions that are consistent with high ethical policing standards.

  • Interactive Communication

    Utilizes communication strategies in an effort to achieve common goals, influence and gain others’ support.

  • Organizational Awareness

    Understands and uses organizational awareness to deliver optimal services. Seeks to understand the critical concerns and most important issues of stakeholders to find optimal solutions.

  • Problem Solving

    Identifies problems, implements solutions and evaluates the outcomes.

  • Risk Management

    Manages situations and calls to mitigate risk and maintain a safe environment for self and others.

  • Stress Tolerance

    Remains focused on results in the face of ambiguity, change or strenuous demands.

  • Teamwork

    Works cooperatively with members of the work team. Contributes to the development of a team environment where team members ultimately achieve established goals.

  • Written Skills

    Communicates ideas and information in writing to ensure that information and messages are understood and have the desired impact.

The Selection Process

The Moose Jaw Police Service selection process is an open competition to select the best-suited applicants. The various phases involved in the selection process are as follows:

1. Application

The process begins when an applicant submits a fully completed application package. All application material submitted becomes the property of the Moose Jaw Police Service and will not be returned.

Application packages are examined to ensure qualifications are met. Full disclosure of all detected or undetected criminal involvement is required on the Ethics & Integrity Questionnaire. Although past criminal involvement may result in a deferral, incomplete disclosure on this document may result in the applicant’s disqualification from employment with the Moose Jaw Police Service.

2. Entrance Exam

Suitable applicants may be invited to write the Sigma exam. Applicants must pass this exam to remain in the selection process.

The Sigma Survey for Police Officers is an assessment for screening job applicants for the position of police officer. It is a written exam consisting of 74 questions that must be answered in 35 minutes. The exam consists of job-relevant questions that test spelling, vocabulary, mathematics, and problem solving abilities.

3. Peace Officers’ Physical Abilities Test (POPAT)

Suitable applicants may be invited to participate in the POPAT. Applicants must pass the POPAT to remain in the selection process. Physical fitness is a crucial part of the Constable selection and training process. Applicants who fail to demonstrate high fitness standards may be eliminated from the selection process.

The POPAT is a job-related physical test that approximates the physical activity performed by police officers. The test simulates circumstances where a police officer chases, controls, and apprehends a suspect. The test must be completed within four minutes, forty-five seconds. We highly recommend that applicants familiarize themselves with the POPAT prior to submitting their application.

Applicants require clearance from a medical doctor prior to participating in the POPAT. The POPAT is administered by the Centre for Health, Wellness and Performance at the University of Regina (306-585-4004). A $90.00 administration fee to participate in the POPAT must be paid by the applicant. The fee is payable to the Centre for Health, Wellness and Performance by cash or personal cheque on the date of the POPAT.

4. Interview

Suitable applicants will participate in a formal, structured interview with members of the selection board. This behavioural interview is designed to evaluate the applicant’s past performance relative to the Constable Position Dimensions posted on our web site. This interview provides an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their qualifications to the selection board.

Applicants should prepare for this interview by studying the Position Dimensions (competencies) in order to relate to previous experiences that demonstrate these competencies.

5. Psychological Testing

Suitable applicants must complete testing (MMPI) conducted by a psychologist approved by the Moose Jaw Police Service. The MMPI test results will not be disclosed to the applicant.

6. Pre-employment Polygraph Examination

Suitable applicants must submit to a pre-employment polygraph test. The test results are confidential.

7. Security/Background Investigation

Suitable applicants undergo a thorough background investigation where employment history, character, credit, and security are examined. The result of this investigation is confidential.

8. Offer of Employment

An official offer of employment will be made to successful applicants. This offer is contingent on a medical examination and being found medically fit.

Newly hired Constables are required to attend and successfully complete the Recruit Training Class at the Saskatchewan Police College. Graduates of recruit training work with experienced officers during six months of field training and remain on probation for one year.