Alarm Bylaw

The Moose Jaw Police Service recognizes the intent of security systems and will provide prompt response to alarm calls when a crime or emergency exists.


  • Valid Alarm: The activation of a security system caused by unauthorized entry into any building/property or caused by any other emergency situation in any building/property.
  • False Alarm: The activation of a security system when there is no unauthorized entry into any building/property or other emergency situation in any building/property.
  • Key holder: Person designated by the user to attend at the scene of an alarm who will give police access to the premises.
  • Security Business: Any person who is in the business of monitoring alarm systems and reporting to the Police Service when an alarm system has been activated.

Security Business Guide

Welcome to your Security Business Guide from the Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS). This information is provided to help your security business personnel better understand the Alarm Program operated by the MJPS and the bylaw which governs it.

Alarm Response

The MJPS will respond to any alarm within the City of Moose Jaw that has been registered with them and assigned an Alarm System Identification Number (ASIN) by the Police Service.

The MJPS will not respond to an unregistered security system unless the call is processed through the 1-900 telephone alarm service. The alarm business will be charged a fee per call.

When a registered security system user has had two false alarms within a rolling 365 day period the security business must use the 1-900 number for service. If the security business refused to use the 1-900 number, the alarm will not be processed for response by the Police Service.

The Moose Jaw Police Service will not respond to alarms that have been communicated to them by an automatic dialing device, pre-recorded message, or any alarms not monitored by an alarm business.


Each alarm business shall provide the address, occupant’s name and contact person of each property with an alarm and any further information as the Police Service may require, with the subscription fee, to the Police Service within one week of the installation of any new alarm system. Bylaw 5637 Section 5(2).

When the Security business reports an alarm to the Moose Jaw Police Service, the ASIN and the property address will be given to the Communications Officer. The ASIN will be queried and confirmed by the Communications Officer. If there is no ASIN on file the security business must process the call through 1-900-565-6577 to initiate police response.


Verification is an internal action taken by the security business to establish whether or not police response is required: The alarm business must:

  • verify validity of alarms prior to notifying the police;
  • ensure each user is aware that verification will take place and instruct the user of the verification procedures;
  • when verification cannot be made, or when the alarm business does not believe an authorized person has been contacted – notify the police;
  • provide officers, who are present at the scene, the opportunity to determine whether the alarm is false or valid and document same; and
  • ensure that a ‘key holder’ attends every alarm call for service.


Request for cancellations from a security business will be allowed if made within 3 minutes of the dispatch of the police unit providing it has not arrived at the property. Requests for cancellations on the 1-900 telephone alarm service will result in a fee to the alarm business.

Security System Use

If an alarm property that is registered with the MJPS has had TWO false alarms in a 365 day rolling period, all subsequent alarms will be processed through the 1-900 telephone service and fee per call will be charged.

Re-Admittance to the program may occur after the following conditions have been met:

When the company:

  • has 365 consecutive days clear of false alarms;
  • provides assurance that the security system is operative properly; and
  • reviews the Security System Users guide from the MJPS.

Security Business Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the security business to conform with the rules and regulations as determined by the MJPS. The security business should keep accurate key holder files for each of the monitored properties they service. A copy should be provided to the Moose Jaw Police Service as well as any subsequent changes.

The security business must ensure their customers are properly educated in the use of their security system. The Moose Jaw Police Service Security System Users Guide is available for the security business to distribute to their customers. This will ensure that the system user will be fully aware of the Alarm Program.

Security businesses should assist the Communications Officer with information to determine the exact origin of an alarm signal in the system. Wherever possible an interior audible device should be installed on alarmed properties, to indicate an alarm has been activated. Security businesses will be charged an annual fee for each alarmed property that is assigned an ASIN.

Security System Users Guide

Welcome to the Security System Users Guide from the Moose Jaw Police Service. The following information is provided to help you, the security system user, better understand the Alarm Program operated by the Moose Jaw Police Service. Included are helpful tips for reducing and eliminating false alarms as well as information on Police response to your alarm call.

User Responsibilities

Open communication with your security business is encouraged. All needs and responsibilities should be addressed by them. The Police are a response option to your alarm. Other options may be suggested by your security company.

Security system users are responsible for their alarm activity.

Security system users must register their information with the monitoring business to become part of the Alarm program. They must ensure that an up-to-date list of keyholders is supplied to the company.

Security system users will be charged an annual fee by the monitoring business to obtain an alarm .

Alarm System Identification Number (ASIN) which is registered with the Moose Jaw Police Service.

Keyholders have a responsibility to attend at the scene when requested to do so by the monitoring business (and their response to a call must be as soon as the call is received.) The keyholder must assist responding officers in determining the origin of an alarm signal from the system and its cause, when possible.

Security system users who have two false alarms in a 365 day rolling period will have their next alarm call processed through the 1-900 telephone alarm service. Calls made on the 1-900 telephone service will be charged a per call fee. The security business will be charged by the telephone service.

Police Attendance

All alarms reported by monitoring businesses will be considered urgent and receive prompt response unless circumstances indicated otherwise. Officers will be dispatched to monitored alarm calls on a priority basis. Upon arrival, officers will check the premises to determine the validity of the alarm and ensure the security of the property. When checks reveal the premises appear secure, officers will wait a reasonable amount of time, circumstances permitting, for a keyholder to arrive.

With an apparent secure premises, circumstances and/or call load may dictate that the officers may not be able to wait for a keyholder. When the officers have cleared an apparent secure premises they will not be re-dispatched upon keyholder arrival, unless signs of criminal activity exists.

False Alarm Elimination

Ensure all persons who are authorized to use the security system are properly trained. This should include third party users, such as subcontractors, maintenance staff, etc.

Have an interior audible device installed on the property to indicate that an alarm has been activated.

When the interior alarm activates and you wish to cancel the alarm, phone your monitoring business. Remember that the telephone lines are often used to process your alarm and the line may be “in use” for a moment. If you attempt to call your monitoring company and cannot, wait a few minutes and try again after the alarm has cleared the telephone line.

Ensure the security system is in proper working order by providing regular preventative maintenance.

False alarms may be caused by:

  • faulty application of the security system; or
  • balloons and banners due to blowing air from fans or air conditioners; or
  • pets moving in area monitored by a motion alarm.

Ensure that all users are educated on the proper procedures if they inadvertently set off the security system so the monitoring business may terminate the incident before the police become involved.

If there are any questions concerning a suspended ASIN please contact:

Moose Jaw Police Service Alarm Coordinator
(306) 694-7686