Bike Safety

Bike riding is fun and good for us. But everyone needs to practice safety, especially when bike riding. Here are some safety tips to remember when bicycling:

  1. Check your bike over before you start. If any parts are loose or missing, don’t ride the bike until it is repaired.
  2. Only ride a bike that fits you. If you can stand up above the cross bar with both feet flat on the ground and if you can sit comfortably on the seat with the ball of your foot on the lower pedal and your hands on the handlebar grips the bike is the proper size for you.
  3. Always wear a helmet. A helmet may save your life if you fall or have an accident. A helmet should be CSA / ANSI or SNELL Foundation approved. It should fit snugly, and comfortably with the chinstrap done up. Wear the helmet level on your head about 2 fingers width above your eyebrows.

Moose Jaw Bicycling Laws

Go over these tips and laws with your parent(s) to make sure you understand them; and to help your parent(s) help you to be safe.

You must:

  • hold onto the handlebars;
  • secure your bicycle to bike stands only; and
  • use a front light and a rear reflector when riding at night.

You must NOT:

  • double, unless your bike is built for two people;
  • be careless or unsafe when riding;
  • ride down the street with more than two bikes side-by-side;
  • ride in any park where signs prohibit bicycling;
  • carry packages wider than your handlebars or over 20 kgs or
  • carry something that blocks your vision; and
  • leave your bike laying on the street or sidewalk.