Criminal Record Checks / Criminal Occurrence Security Check

Criminal Occurrence Record Check

Vulnerable Sector Record Check

Employment & Volunteer Checks

Criminal Record Check or Criminal Occurrence Security Check for Employment or Volunteering.

  • You must reside in the city of Moose Jaw and be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must attend in person.
  • You must have two pieces of identification (one with full date of birth). At least one piece of photo identification.
  • charge for employment/student work experience/practicum is $50.00, cash or debit.
  • charge for volunteer is $20.00 (letter from the organization stating they are volunteers, is required).
  • If fingerprints need to be sent to Ottawa to confirm a vulnerable sector hit or a possible criminal record, an additional $75.00 cash fee will be charged for processing.

Criminal Record Check or Criminal Occurrence Security Check process will consist of:

  • a CPIC criminal records search to determine if a criminal record exists
  • a check of local indices of the Moose Jaw Police Service to determine if:
    any non-printable summary offence criminal convictions, stay of proceedings or conditional discharges exist
    there are any criminal charges pending before the courts
    there are any convictions for which a stay of proceedings or conditional discharge was entered within the past year
    any court orders pending before the court including a Section 810 of the Criminal Code where serious or significant conditions have been imposed by the court which the police service may consider to be detrimental
    should a vulnerable sector check be requested or required, a vulnerable sector verification will be completed to determine the possible existence of a criminal record and/or sexual offence conviction for which an individual has received a pardon (the Moose Jaw Police Service has the right to refuse to complete a vulnerable sector verification if they feel that the position does not meet the definition of vulnerable sector check)

How to Apply

Applying for Criminal Record Check or Criminal Occurrence Security Check

In order to obtain a police Criminal Record Check or Criminal Occurrence Security Check, the applicant must present, in person, to a trusted agent of the Moose Jaw Police Service, a completed application and two pieces of valid (not expired) identification. Valid in this case means they provide an acceptable means of identifying the person. One must be government issued and include name, date of birth, a photo and signature. This can include foreign government passports or a valid identification from any other Canadian province. The applicant must also provide all applicant names including given names, surname, maiden name (if applicable) and any names that were changed in accordance with a legal name change. The application must contain all addresses for the past five years.

The results of the Criminal Record Check or Criminal Occurrence Security Check are usually released to the consenting applicant. However, with specific written consent it may be released directly to a third party after being verified by the applicant or by fingerprint confirmation.