Parking Ticket Procedure

  • Issues with Hot Spot App – Contact Hotspot through their website at
  • Broken Meters (not keeping time, showing error, etc.) – Fill out a Broken Meter Report at the Moose Jaw Police Service front desk and submit your ticket with the report
  • Disability Placard or Parking Permit – Bring the placard or permit to the Moose Jaw Police Service with your ticket. Commissionaires at the front desk will take a photocopy of the placard or permit and submit it with the ticket to be cancelled.
  • Errors with ticket data (specifically license plates) – Please contact 306-694-7660 and the ticket will be cancelled.
  • If you wish to dispute a ticket – You can do so in court. A letter will be mailed out to you with your court date as long as your vehicle registration has the correct mailing address.
  • Photos that were taken at the time of the ticket can be viewed through the City of Moose Jaw website at You will need your ticket number and the license number.
  • If you are having issues completing an online payment or are having any problems with the website, please contact the City of Moose Jaw at 306-694-4400 and specify there is an issue with the online payment website.