Frequently Asked Questions – Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE)

ASE, also referred to as an automated system that uses a camera and a speed measurement device to enforce speed limits, is a speed enforcement tool that uses technology to help make roads safer for all road users. An ASE system captures and records images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted speed limit in school zones and community safety zones with tickets issued to the registered plate holder regardless of who was driving. This will result in a monetary fine, but no demerit points will be applied.

Caribou Street West: Corner of Monk Avenue and Caribou Street West

Grace Street: Corner of Grace Street and Gordon Road

Highway #1 Westbound: Highway #1 and 9th Avenue NW

Highway #1 Eastbound: Highway #1 and 9th Avenue NW

The photo radar is capable of detecting multiple lanes of traffic.

Every 24 hours by a Commissionaires Officer.

Under Saskatchewan’s Traffic Safety Act, the registered owner is legally responsible for the manner in which his or her vehicle is driven. We do not have to prove who was driving the vehicle.

No. Since the ticket is issued to the registered vehicle owner and not the driver, no demerit points can be applied.

All payment instructions and court details can be found on the back of the ticket, or you can visit

Under the Traffic Safety Act we have up to 6 months to issue the ticket to the offender.