Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 July 23 – 2022 July 24

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 52


0757hrs – MVA – Non reportable accident, assisted with name exchange.


0936hrs – Found bike – Free spirit expedition, property exhibited.


0959hrs – Noise bylaw – Homeowners were not home, still under investigation.


1016hrs – Abandoned vehicle – Spoke to registered owner, vehicle is broken down and will be moved.


1046hrs – Hit and run – $2,500 in damages, no suspects or witnesses.


1100hrs – Assistance to sick person – Individual was located, and options were provided.


1230hrs- Theft under – This matter is still under investigation.


1238hrs – Shoplifting – This matter is under investigation for charges.


1315hrs -Well being check – Subject was located and found to be in good health.


1513hrs – Lost property – Brown Mossy Oak wallet lost, reporting for information purposes.


1713hrs – Trespassing – Male in complainants’ yard, still under investigation to identify.


1728hrs – Hit and run – This matter is still under investigation.


1731hrs – Harassing calls – Statements to be obtained, still under investigation.


1949hrs – Impaired driver – Subject located, was sober. Vehicle impounded for being unregistered.


1956hrs – Insecurity – Door was left open accidentally. Owner secured building.


2005hrs – MVA – Non-reportable, assisted with name exchange.


2016hrs – Assistance to sick person – Individual was located and provided with some options.


2034hrs – Erratic driving – Vehicle was located, and the driver was warned for their driving actions.


2209hrs – Disturbance – Fireworks going off in the area, 2 individuals were warned of the bylaw.


2254hrs – Found property – I phone turned in ad returned to owner.



2330hrs – Loud party – Block party, homeowners were advised of the bylaw and shut it down for the night.


0015hrs – Vehicle seizure – Vehicle was seized for 30 days and 1 ticket issued for driving while suspended.


0021hrs – Barking dog – Owners will return home to deal with their dogs.


0115hrs – Unwanted guest – Subject was located and sent on their way.


0138hrs – Flight from police – This matter is still under investigation.


0229hrs – Vehicle seizure – Subject blew a warn, 60 license suspension and vehicle was impounded for 3 days.


0331hrs – Intoxicated person – Subject was located and left in the care of a sober person.


04531hrs – Noise bylaw – Subject was out mowing lawn, advised of the bylaw and will finish later today.



911 calls – 3

Assist Other Police Agency- 1

Assist other Government agency -1

Alarm Calls- 2

Curfew check – 1

ASD demands – 5