Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 August 15– 2022 August 16

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 68



0803 hours – Suspicious Person – Police attended to two subjects in an alley, subjects were warned not to trespass and were sent on their way.


0816 hours – Suspicious Person – Subject was looking into vehicles; police spoke and sent the subject on his way.


0820 hours – Break and Enter – Sometime yesterday a business was entered with tools and items stolen, still under investigation for video.


1033 hours – Suspicious Occurrence – Subjects were disrupting the public, police sent subjects on their way.


1146 hours – Dispute – Police mediated a situation between two parties, verbal warning given to the parties involved.


1327 hours – Dispute – Still under investigation to obtain a statement and video.


1337 hours – Hit & Run – Sometime overnight vehicle was damaged, still under investigation.


1455 hours – Mischief – Damage to property occurred sometime throughout the weekend, still under investigation.


1525 hours – Vehicle Seizure – Driver was given a 30 day impound and a ticket was issued.


1528 hours – Shoplifting – Still under investigation to review package from business.


1720 hours – Dangerous Driving- Statements obtained, still under investigation for charges.


1743 hours – Dispute – Police attended and spoke with party involved, advice has been given and resources provided.




1933 hours – Dispute – Police mediated the situation, parties separated for the night.


2120 hours – Hit & Run – Vehicle struct a sign and left, still under investigation to check cameras in area.


2122 hours – Suspicious Occurrence – Unknown subject was following kids, statements were taken, still under investigation.


2133 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject sleeping in a business, sent on their way.


2211 hours – Impaired Driving – Subject charged with impaired, 30-day vehicle impound and license seized, released for court on later date.


2346 hours – Theft Under – Items were taken from a backyard sometime over couple days, still under investigation.


0223 hours – Unwanted Guest – Two subject sleeping in a bank, police attended and sent subjects on their way.


0410 hours – Break and Enter – Business broken into with products stolen, still under investigation.


0502 hours – Well-Being Check – Police was flagged down to assist in helping someone to the hospital, subject was helped and left in care of hospital staff.


Assist Other Agency – 3

Bylaws – 3

Warrant Executed – 3


911 Calls – 8