Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 August 20– 2022 August 21

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –60


0714 hours- Suspicious Occurrence-someone checking vehicles over night. Nothing stolen reported for information purposes.


0751 hours- Mischief- Subject was arrested for warrants


0821 hours- Theft Under- Still under investigation to identify video.


0833 hour-Driving Dangerous- Ticket issued to individual for open liquor


0852 hours- Driving Impaired- Subject charged with impaired driving


0921 hours- Parking Bylaw- Vehicles parked in restricted spot. Registered owners contacted and vehicles moved


0923 hours- Well Being Check- Individual was taken to a family member


0942 hours- Bike Theft- Subject to be charged with theft of bicycles


1238 hours- Dispute- There was no concern for individual’s safety, support provided


1413 hours- Bike Theft- Still under investigation


1501 hours- MVA- Two vehicles involved. Minor injuries, 1 charge TSA


1511 hours- MVA- No injuries, 1 charge TSA


1538 hours- Well Being Check-Individual found safe and not needing further assistance


1541 hours- Theft Under- Still under investigation


1605 hours- MVA Injury- 2 vehicles involved. 1 towed vehicle. Minor injuries, 1 charge TSA


1727 hours- Fraud- Complainant was advised to speak with SGI


1921 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals over property. Situation was mediated


2016 hours- Shoplifting- Still under investigation, video involved


2046 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was sleeping and was fine and moved along


2106 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject arrived home safe


2126 hours- Mischief- Window was smashed out of vehicle, SUI


2323 hours- Suspicious Person- An unknown person left


0223 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Property was received and exhibited


0237 hours- Noise Bylaw- Two subjects on motorcycles located in parking lot – spoken to


0349 hours- Disturbance- Subject was fine and sent on his way


911 Calls –
Warrants Executed/Breaches – 1

Assist Other Agency- 1

ASD- 3
Curfew Check- 12