Calls for Service




Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 September 8– 2022 September 9

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 64




0642 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was taken to hospital and left in their care


0658 hours- Dispute- Suspicious person parked in front of persons house. Reported for information purposes.


0721 hours- Theft of Auto- Vehicle stolen from garage as long with tools and wallet. Still under investigation


0728 hours- Theft Under- Two suspects stole out of vehicles. Still under investigation to identify suspects and review video


0854 hours- Shoplifting- Subject was issued a ban letter and will be charged with trespassing


0950 hours- Unwanted Guest- An individual is banned from property. Advice was given to complainant


0959 hours- Well Being Check- An individual was having odd behaviour. They were taken to social services and provided a room


1018 hours- Dog Barking- Still under investigation to warn owners


1054 hours- Assist Ambulance- Subject was arrested under the mental health act and taken to the hospital


1104 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject went voluntarily to the hospital


1342 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject was taken to the hospital. And left in their care



1342 hours- Parking Bylaw- Owner was asked to move trailer and was cooperative and will have it moved


1412 hours- Well being Check- Made contact with the individual and they are fine


1426 hours- Hit and Run- Complainant was sideswiped and has damages to vehicle. No suspects


1429 hours- Shoplifting- Subject was issued a ticket for trespassing and possible charges to follow


1501 hours- Theft- Item was stolen from store. Still under investigation for video


1506 hours- Parking Bylaw- Registered owner was contacted and vehicle was moved


1531 hours- MVA Over- Two vehicles involved in accident, no injuries


1534 hours- Trespass- Advice was given to contact rentalsman


1646 hours- Dispute- Complainant was given advice on situation being a civil matter


1733 hours- Well Being Check- An individual was spoken to and the family is fine


1740 hours- Unwanted Guest- Home owner was given options


1748 hours- Bike Theft- Bike taken from school Still under investigation.


1752 hours- Weapons Call-Warned of actions and knife seized


2051 hours- Dispute- Verbal disagreement between two parties. Situation mediated


2104 hours- Theft Under- Still under investigation for statement and video of individual stealing bag of food of front porch


2234 hours- Noise Bylaw- Driver will move semi and let other drivers know as well not to park there



2309 hours- Disturbance- Complainant could hear people in fire escape. Area searched and all is secure


0206 hours- MVA Over- Vehicle hit a pole due to distracted driving




Alarm calls – 1

911 Calls –8
Assist other Agency – 2