Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 September 17– 2022 September 18

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 66


0755 hours- Theft of Auto- Still under investigation.

0824 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject arrested for Breach of Undertaking.

0827 hours- Mischief- Vehicles tires slashed. Still under investigation.

0831 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was sleeping in business and was asked to leave.

0835 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was laying in grass and was checked on – they were ok.

0836 hours- Theft of Auto- Vehicle stolen. Still under investigation.

0908 hours- Suspicious Person- Subject was sent on his way.

0941 hours- Threats- Dispute between two subjects. Still under investigation for charges.

1001 hours- Driving Impaired- Individual was charged with impaired driving and breach.

1105 hours- Vandalism to city signs. Still under investigation.

1142 hours- Theft Under- Items stolen from vehicle. Still under investigation.

1158 hours- Assistance to Sick Person-Subject depressed – staff will be looking after individual.

1227 hours- Dispute- Argument between two individuals – mediated.

1252 hours- Found Property- Iphone found on a walking trail and was exhibited.

1303 hours- Break and Enter- Fence was cut and items were stolen from yard. Still under investigation.

1320 hours- Suspicious Person- Individual was heading home and no safety concerns

1433 hours- Dog Barking- Owners warned about dog bylaw.

1438 hours- Theft Under- Iphone and air pods stolen from business. Still under investigation.

1507 hours- Hit and Run- Road rage between two parties. Both drivers were warned.

1542 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject was spoken to and will have a follow up at a later date.

1605 hours- Shoplifting- Basket of stuff stolen from store. Still under investigation.

1607 hours- Bike theft-. Still under investigation.

1822 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was removed from the business.

1824 hours- Shoplifting- Subject charged with theft of merchandise.

1826 hours- Driving Impaired- Subject charged with impaired driving – vehicle towed.

1845 hours- Assist Ambulance- Subject took pills – transported to hospital.

1844 hours- Parking Bylaw- Owner attended address and moved the vehicle.

2007 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was fine.

2028 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was found resting and was sent on his way.

2114 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was sober and given a room for the night.

2237 hours- Break and Enter- Item stolen from residence. Still under investigation.

2312 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject left upon request.

0010 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject left upon request.

0018 hours- Noise Bylaw- home owner warned about outside party and agreed to shut it down.

0027 hours- Disturbance- Subject spoken to and situation mediated.

0151 hours- Assist Ambulance- Subject was having medical issues and was transported to hospital.

0221 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Unknown suspect entered yard and tried to steal items.

0255 hours- Well Being Check- Complainant was upset over dispute with partner. Situation mediated.


911 Calls – 4

Alarm Call-1

Assist Other Agency – 1

Warrant Executed – 1