Calls For Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 September 24 – 2022 September 25

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 44


0808 hours- Driving Dipsute- Mediated

0828 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual sent on their way

1018 hours- Mischief- Individual tried to gain entry to vehicle in 400 block Home St W. Still under investigation to identify.

1125 hours- Well Being Check- Individual located and is fine.

1441 hours- 2 individuals yelling at each other in street. Separated and sent on their way

1648 hours- Towed Vehicle- Vehicle blocking roadway

1838 hours- Recovered Stolen Property- Property returned to rightful owner.

1915 Hours- Theft Under- Bike was stolen out of residence. No suspects, no video.

1949 Hours- Harassing calls- Individual was being harassed by another- Still under investigation to determine suspect.

2001 Hours- Found Property- Citizen found a phone on his property- Owners notified to come pick it up.

2011 Hours- Break and Enter- Garage broken into, nothing stolen- Suspect to be located and spoken to.

2018 Hours- Barking Dog Bylaw- Police arrived and dogs are back in the house.

2022 Hours- Dispute- Verbal argument between two parties- Situation mediated and one party left the residence.

2054 Hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject located and is safe.

2213 Hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject was taken to the hospital by EMS.

2316 Hours- Dispute- Parties had an argument- Situation was mediated.

2356 Hours- Noise Complaint- loud music from residence- Police attended and give a verbal warning to turn the music down.

0005 Hours- Disturbance- One male in parking lot who is intoxicated- Male arrested under the liquor act and will be released once sober.

0035 Hours- Disturbance- Female in a bar causing a disturbance- Female left the bar before police arrived on scene.

0052 Hours- Disturbance- Multiple people arguing and fighting in alley- Parties separated, still under investigation for statements and video footage.

0111 Hours- Assault- Female assaulted- Police spoke with female who declined to cooperate with police.

0116 Hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Truck located at residence throwing items out of truck- Still under investigation.

0140 Hours- Mischief- Male attended residence and damaged property- Subject arrested


911 Calls – 5