Calls For Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 October 22 – 2022 October 23

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 39


0810 hours- Theft- Occurred yesterday from yard in 400 block Ominica St W. Statement and video to be provided. Still under investigation.


1030 hours- Well Being Check- Subject left in care of family member.


1034 hours- Trespassing- Ticket issued.


1120 hours- Theft- Suspect identified, charges pending.


1132 hours- Recovered Stolen Auto- Vehicle was returned to owner.


1140 hours- Theft- Owner going to provide list of items stolen and a statement. Still under investigation.


1316 hours- Mischief- Subject to be charged with mischief and assault.


1458 hours- Trespassing- Still under investigation to review video for charges.


1500 hours- Assist Sick Person- Subject taken to hospital with EMS.


1626 hours- Bike Theft- Bike stolen on October 13th, still under investigation to obtain video.


1903 hours- Dispute- Between 2 parties. Separated for the night and advice given to find lawyers for custody issue.


2002 hours- Noise Bylaw- 1 subject warned of the Bylaw


2031 hours- Well Being Check- Subject found to be intoxicated. Was taken to a family members home.


2221 hours- MVA- Semi vs power pole. Approximately $10000 damage, no injuries, 1 charge for drive off truck route


2259 hours- Assist Locate- Subject found safe and returned home.


2306 hours- Assist Sick Person- Subject going to hospital on own to be checked out


0323 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual was sent on his way.



911 Calls – 2
Warrants Executed – 9

Assist Other Agency – 1