Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 November 5 – 2022 November 6

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 36


0931 hours- Suspicious Occurrence – Suspicious package was received- package sent to the wrong address. SUI to locate rightful owner.


0944 hours- Dispute- Two parties having a dispute- Advice provided.


0948 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Person is okay, advice and options provided.


1004 hours- Sexual Assault- Still under investigation.


1116 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject brought to hospital.


1305 hours- Theft under- Subject stole items from a store- Subject to be located and charged.


1309 hours- Suspicious Vehicle- Vehicle blocking complainant from getting out- Vehicle is on private property and can be towed by property owner.


1509 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject invited friend over and they wouldn’t leave- Person left when police were gone and prior to police arrival.


1749 hours- Unwanted Guest- Unknown male in lobby of premise- Male located and left premise without incident.


1750 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Power line was sparking- Saskpower contacted to assist.


1819 hours- MVA Over- Subject slid off highway into a pole- Driver is okay and was provided a ride to hotel.


1822 hours- Hit and Run- Vehicle was hit while parked- SUI to obtain statement from registered owner.


1918 hours- Unwanted Guests- Two intoxicated males were escorted out of an event by security prior to police arrival.


2039 hours- Domestic- Accused was arrested and charged accordingly.


2127 hours- Threats- SUI to investigate further and obtain more information.


2150 hours- Hit and Run- Complainant did not see suspect. File number provided for SGI purposes.


2218 hours- MVA Over- Single vehicle slid into guard rail due to poor road conditions.


2323 hours- Disturbance- Complaint can hear noses outside window- Police attended and nothing noted upon arrival.


2357 hours- Unwanted Guest- Intoxicated male refusing to leave premise- Police attended and removed subject and provided them a ride to the subjects hotel room.


0013 hours- Unwanted Guest- Intoxicated male refusing to leave premise- Police attended and the subject left without incident.


0024 hours- Suspicious Person- Subjects located and is safe.


0139 hours- Theft of Auto- Vehicle was located shortly after by police and it was returned to the owner.


0219 hours- Break and Enter- Police attended and no break and enter occurred.


0237 hours- Abandoned Vehicle- Owner located and was provided assistance with help getting the keys out of his vehicle in which he locked them in.


0425 hours- Break and Enter- Subject located and was lost in the snow.


911 Calls – 9
Assist Other Agency – 4

Community Service Projects – 1

Curfew Check- 1