Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service
2022 November 13 – 2022 November 14
0700 hours – 0700 hours
Total Calls – 31

0719 hours- Theft of Auto- Vehicle stolen over night. No cameras or witnesses

0802 hours- Found Property- Still under investigation to locate or contact owner

0909 hours- Found Property- property will be exhibited

0920 hours- Recovered stolen auto- Vehicle brought to police station to be processed. Still under investigation

0938 hours- Fraud- Subject charged for fraud and assigned a court date

1004 hours- Dispute-Between two neighbors. Still under investigation

1330 hours- Other Bylaw- Individual was warned of burning garbage and fire was put out

1338 hours- Found property- Still under investigation to return items to owner

1355 hours- MVA Over- two vehicle accident with minor injuries treated at the scene.

1453 hours- Assault- Between two individual, situation mediated and persons separated

1606 hours- MVA Over- Three vehicles involved, one charge for impaired driving and vehicle seized

1645 hours- Driving Erratic- still under investigation to speak with the owner.

1653 hours- Mischief- Subject was warned for mischief

1742 hours- Suspicious Vehicle- dispute mediated and social services will follow up

1811 hours- Assist Ambulance- An individual was transferred to hospital for medical attention

1820 hours- MVA Injury- Two vehicle collision. Approximately $10,000 in damages and no injuries

1819 hours- Hit and Run-Complainants vehicle was hit while parked. No suspects or witnesses

1850 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was spoken to and left in the care of the paramedic

1904 hours- Theft Under- consumable products stolen from store. Still under investigation.

2124 hours- Dispute- An individual was arrested for public intoxication

2148 hours- Suspicious Person- Male suspect stole cat

2346 hours- Driving Dangerous- Still under investigation to speak with owner

2349 hours- Shoplifting- Still under investigation to speak with manager.

0107 hours- Assault- dispute between two individuals

0150 hours- Dispute- Situation mediated between two individuals

0308 hours- Unwanted Guest- An individual was spoken to and returned to their home

911 calls – 11
Assist other agency – 3
Alarm Calls-2