Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 December 9– 2022 December 10

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 64


0710 hours- Obstruct Officer- Subject charged with breach of conditions.


0827 hours- MVA Over- Two vehicles involved and 1 tow needed. No injuries.


0845 hours- Fraud- Still under investigation.


0929 hours- Semi stuck on bridge – Two tickets issued and escorted to proper route.


1009 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject charged with Breach of conditions.


1038 hours- Fraud- Scammed money for rental. Situation mediated.


1053 hours- Found Property- Property located and will be exhibited.


1100 hours- Suspicious Occurrence-Subject was spoken to and his fine.


1229 hours-Dangerous Dog complaint – Home owner advised of dog bylaw.


1311 hours- Property Found- Passport returned to owner.


1315 hours- Driving Erratic- Still under investigation to speak with owner.


1344 hours- Mischief- Vehicle tire was slashed. No witnesses or cameras.


1352 hours- Noise Bylaw- Subject was taken to hospital and left in their care.


1546 hours- Dispute- Situation still under investigation.


1556 hours- Break and Enter- Individual inside vacant residence – banned from the property.


1621 hours- Fraud- Individual is out $10,000. Still under investigation.


1626 hours- Theft Under- An individual stole money from complainant. Still under investigation.


1708 hours- Erratic driver- Individual was warned for driving action.


1814 hours- Dispute- Advised to speak with a lawyer.


1823 hours- Unwanted Guest- Staff was going to pick up the individual and take them home.


1915 hours- Dispute- Advice was given and forwarded to the school.


1939 hours- Assault- Individual was injured and taken to the hospital. Still under investigation.


2028 hours- Driving Erratic- vehicle owner warned of their driving actions.


2043 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual was given options for a place to stay.


2048 hours- Assist Ambulance- Individual was transported to hospital.


2122 hours- Found Property- Cell phone returned to owner.


2215 hours- Dispute-Situation mediated between both parties.


2238 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Individual was paranoid. Situation was mediated.


2323 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject arrested for public intoxication – to be released when sober.


0044 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was removed from the business without an issue.


0108 hours- MVA Over- one vehicle involved. Both parties had minor injuries.


0122 hours- Dispute- Still under Investigation.


0253 hours- Well Being Check-Subject was intoxicated and brought to cells until sober.

911 Calls -2
Assist Other Agency – 3

Alarms- 3