Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 January 21 – 2023 January 22

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 54



0738 hours – Hit & Run – Vehicle sideswiped another vehicle, vehicle fled, still under investigation.


0905 hours – Theft Under – Vehicle was entered and items were stolen, still under investigation to obtain video.


1043 hours – Unwanted Guest – Police attended to a business and assisted in removing subject who was sent on their way.


1142 hours – Fraud – Business contacted police after a suspicious subject was using cards not in their name, still under investigation.


1243 hours – Dispute – Police mediated a dispute within a business, provided advice and gave assistance.


1417 hours – Theft Under – Sometime throughout the day vehicle was entered with items being stolen.


1427 hours – Fraud – Cards were stolen and used at various businesses, still under investigation to receive video.


1502 hours – Barking Dog = Police attended to a residence where a dog was barking, owners warned under the bylaw.


1515 hours – Fire Call – Dumpster was on fire outside a business, police assisted fire in putting it out.


1524 hours – Threats – Complainant was receiving threats over social media, still under investigation.


1637 hours – Dispute – Complainant was provided advice on the situation.


1724 hours – Intoxicated Person – Police located subject who was provided resources and left in the care of hospital staff, banned from business.


1758 hours – Theft Over – Property stolen from residence, still under investigation for list of all property stolen.


1829 hours – Hit & Run – Still under investigation to receive copy of video.


1837 hours – Dispute – Police attended and mediated the situation, gave parties involved advice.


1933 hours – Mischief – Window was damaged at a business sometime throughout the day, still under investigation.


2047 hours – Dispute – Police arrived at a recreational event and helped mediate the situation.


2208 hours – Erratic Driving – Police spoke to registered owner of a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed, driver warned for their actions.


0254 hours – Break and Enter – Police attended to a business, where the alarms were tripped and police located a subject who has been charged and held for court.


0519 hours – Unwanted Guest – Police arrived at a residence where the subject had already left, parties spoke to and the situation was mediated.


Assist Other Agency – 4
ASD – 2

Bylaws – 5

Warrant Executed – 2


911 Calls – 8