Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 January 22 – 2023 January 23

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 27


0851 hours – Theft Under – A strip of lights was stolen off of a residence. Still under investigation to identify suspects.


0937 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject was located in a building in which they were not permitted to be. Subject was arrested and held for court.


0942 hours – Barking Dog Bylaw – Dog owner was warned under the Municipal Bylaw.


0945 hours – Theft Under – A box of tools was stolen out of a vehicle. Still under investigation.


1004 hours – Dispute – Custody dispute between two parties. Advise was provided on how to proceed.


1010 hours – Suspicious Vehicle – Vehicle rummaged through. Owner notified, nothing was stolen and the vehicle was moved inside of the garage.


1113 hours – Dispute – Police arrived and located the residents who were having a verbal dispute. Situation was mediated and parties were warned.


1204 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject was no longer welcome at a residence and was refusing to leave. Police arrived and mediated the situation. Both parties separated.


1222 hours – Shoplifting – Police were called to a complaint of a person putting items into his bag. Police arrived and subject paid for the items. Subject was banned from premise.


1424 hours – Theft Under – Laptop was stolen out of a vehicle. Still under investigation.


1703 hours – Dispute – Subject was having a disagreement with the person they were living with. Police provided advice and directed the subject to other resources to assist them better.


1810 hours – Assistance to Sick Person – Police assisted at a residence where subject was left in care of EMS.


2015 hours – Mischief – Vehicle damaged while parked, still under investigation.


2033 hours – Intoxicated Person – Police located subject who was arrested for public intoxication and held in cells until sober.


0226 hours – Disturbance – Police attended to a business where subject was causing a disturbance, subject was sent on their way.


0359 hours – Mischief – Subject damaged property and left, police attended and located subject who was told no to return to the property.


Assist Other Agency – 2


911 Calls – 5