Calls For Service



Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 January 28 – 2023 January 29

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 24



0855 hours- Well Being Check- Subjects located and are fine.


0854 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located and is fine.


1030 hours- Dispute- Between 2 parties. One subject banned from business for the weekend.


1220 hours- Vehicle Seizure- 30 day impound for driving while suspended.


1622 hours- Dispute- Between 3 parties. Mediated


1650 hours- Fraud- House rental scam, victim out money. Still under investigation.


2038 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject refusing to leave business. Arrested for intoxication in public and charged with assault. Held in cells until sober and released.


2338 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located safely.


0327 hours- Dispute- Between a group of people. Mediated.


0359 hours- Dispute- Civil dispute over property. Advice given and plan decided on.


0553 hours- Assist Sick Person- Subject transported to hospital by EMS



911 calls – 2

Assist Other Agencies – 3