Calls For Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 February 24 – 2023 February 25

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls- 42





0759 hours- Disturbance- Two individuals were in an argument and went separate ways


1047 hours- Disturbance- Found property to be exhibited


1139 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject arrested with possession of weapons


1301  hours- Bike Theft- Subject in possession of 2 bikes. Still under investigation


1311 hours- Well Being Check- Spoke with subject and they are fine, family member was updated


1314 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Advice was given to Complainant.


1359 hours- Dispute- Between 2 individuals over relationship issues. Individuals were separated.


1449 hours-Suspicious Occurrence- Still under investigation to identify male.


1616 hours- Theft of Auto- Vehicle stolen from parking lot


1808 hours- Obstruct Peace Officer- Driver of vehicle fled from police. Still under investigation


2010 hours- Theft of Auto- Vehicle stolen from complainants property


2148 hours- Well Being Check- Spoke with individual and they are fine. Family was updated.


2242 hours- Threats- Advice was given to both individuals


2250 hours- Threats- Between two individuals, Still under investigation


2339 hours- Breach of Recognizance- Subject was in breach of curfew


2346 hours- Assist to locate- Individual was found and returned home to family.


0303 hours-Driving Impaired- Subject charged with impaired driving


0439 hours-Dispute- Between two individuals. And one subject to be charged with assault







911 Calls – 7

Assist Other Agency – 1

Warrant Executed – 1

Curfew Checks- 2