Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 April 16 – 2023 April 17

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 44


0807 hours- Towed Vehicle- Vehicle towed for blocking a driveway


0902 hours- Assault- Dispute between two individuals.


0930 hours- Dispute- Between two family members. Situation mediated


1034 hours- Assist Ambulance- Subject taken to the hospital for medical issues


1038 hours-Landlord/Tenant Situation- Advice was given on how to proceed with more help


1121 hours- Disturbance-An individual was yelling and was spoken to.


1130 hours-Disturbance-Subject was sent on his way


1158 hours- Break and Enter- Someone broke into store and stole items.


1250 hours-Suspicious Person- Subject was asked to leave


1345 hours- Well Being Check-Subject was sent on his way


1418  hours-Well Being Check- Subject arrested for public intoxication and released when sober


1456 hours- Threats- Subject arrested for uttering threats and released with a court date


1545 hours- Unwanted Guest-Two individuals were warned of trespass act


1613 hours- Shoplifting- An individual stole candy from store. Still under investigation to identify.


1612 hours- Theft Over- Still under investigation.


1648 hours-Unwanted Guest- Subject injured and taken to the hospital with ambulance


1740 hours-Suspicious Occurrence-Kids inside vehicle. Situation mediated.


1807 hours- Found Drugs Turned In- Property to be exhibited for destruction


1845 hours-Threats- Subject has been drinking and had loud music. Situation mediated


1959 hours- Threats-Dispute between individuals. Statements taken and reported for information purposes



2025 hours- Shoplifting-Subject stole bottles of liquor and to be charged


2032  hours- Disturbance- Subject arrested for public intoxication. Held until sober.


2108 hours- Theft Under-Someone stole complainants credit cards and made transactions. Still under investigation


2237 hours- Unwanted Guest- Two individuals removed from premises


2348 hours- Hit and Run- Approximately $2000 in damages and no suspects


0012 hours-Overdose- Subject taken to the hospital


0027 hours-Break and Enter-House entered and firearms stolen


0245 hours- Subject was spoken to and is fine





911 Calls-8