Calls For Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 April 26 – 2022 April 27

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 40



0930 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual causing a disturbance. EMS attended and subject was taken to hospital.


1046 hours- Dispute- Advice was given. Civil matter.


1117 hours- Dispute- Between 2 parties. Documented and one party spoken to.


1259 hours- Threats- Individual charged with uttering threats.


1359 hours- Assist Sick Person- Individual taken to hospital and left in their care.


1425 hours- Well Being Check- Individual located and fine.


1505 hours- Harassment- Being harassed by 2 individuals. Still under investigation to get statement.


1511 hours- Disturbance- Caller found someone’s personal property offensive. Spoke to officer and was advised it is not criminal.


1703 hours- Well Being Check- Spoke with individual about support systems.


1723 hours- Break and Enter- Occurred in the 400 Block Manitoba St W within the last two days.


1739 hours- Disturbance- Property damage from the high winds. Owner of property contacted about it.


1800 hours- Fraud- Involving request to go out and buy gift cards. Advised caller it was a scam.


1951 hours- Mischief- Windshield smashed out of vehicle in 100 block Fairford Street East.


1951 hours- Found Property- Property picked up and exhibited.


2332 hours- Mischief- Subject located and charged with Mischief, and Assault Peace Officer x2. Held in cells.


0029 hours- Loud Party- Individual warned under the Noise Bylaw. People asked to go home.


0107 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual sleeping in vestibule of business. Asked to carry on and abided.


0330 hours- Mischief- Unfounded. More damage by the lovely spring wind.





911 calls – 4

Assist other agencies – 3