Calls For Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 April 29– 2022 April 30

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 66



0707 hours- Suspicious Person- person fixing bike.


0808 hours- Break and Enter- attempted entry – no damage.


0838 hours- Unwanted Guest – intoxicated person.


0850 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was warming up in a business.


0903 hours- Disturbance- Safety concerns for traffic due to construction.


0928 hours- Parking Bylaw- ticket issued, owner contacted.


1035 hours- Parking Bylaw- Tires marked, owner to be contacted.


1146 hours- Harassing Communication- messages left on front porch of complainants.


1156 hours- Well Being Check- An individual went to the hospital, was checked and is fine.


1247 hours- Unwanted Guest- individual waiting for a friend, left on police attendance.


1314 hours- Unwanted Guest-An individual fell asleep after waiting for a business to open.


1414 hours- Fraud- internet purchase.


1420 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- An individual was taking a part a fence. Still under investigation.


1424 hours-Parking Bylaw- owner to be contacted.


1514 hours- Mischief- vehicle was vandalized with minor damages.


1531 hours- Suspicious Person- Group of people playing on tracks, warned.


1603 hours- Suspicious Occurrence-Two individuals were going through yards.


1610 hours- Unwanted Guest- Intoxicated person in a business, left on police attendance.


1624 hours- Dispute- mediated.


1714 hours- Neighborhood dispute – advice given.


1800 hours- Break and Enter- into a residence. SUI.


1845 hours- Mischief- An individual was feeling sick, EMS attended for treatment.


2015 hours- Suspicious Person- Individual was sent on their way.


2058 hours- Mischief- Group of kids spoken to.


2113 hours- Theft Under- purse missing and suspects it was stolen.


2208 hours- Well Being Check- Subject returned home and the family is handling the situation.


2238 hours- Dispute- Situation mediated.


2313 hours- Vehicle Seizure- Suspended driver and vehicle impounded for 30 days.


2319 hours- Disturbance- Neighbor dispute. Situation mediated.


2323 hours- Undue Care Driving- driver contacted and warned for their driving actions.


2342 hours- Dispute-An individual intoxicated and brought to cells.


2345 hours- Driving Dangerous- An individual was warned of driving actions.


0026 hours- Driving Impaired- Driver lost power steering in vehicle and as towed.


0028 hours- Loud Party- Party was shut down and complainant was advised.


0058 hours- Assistance to Sick person- Individual was intoxicated and a safety plan was put into place.


0123 hours- Noise Bylaw- resident warned for noise.


0203 hours- An individual was charged with refusal and vehicle impounded for 30 days.


0329 hours- Unwanted Guest- An individual was cooperative and sent on their way.






911 calls – 8

Assist other agencies – 2

Warrants Executed – 2