Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 August 27– 2023 August 28

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –50


0756 hours – License Suspension- 3 day impound, 3-day license suspension.


0823 hours- MVA Over- Vehicle hit deer, one tow, no injuries.


0919 hours- Parking Bylaw- Vehicle was moved.


1129 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was found safe and sound.


1113 hours- Mischief- Vehicle damaged, file number and advice given.


1115 hours- Dispute- Both parties where separate and warned of no contact.


1354 hours- Obstructing Police- 60 day impound for demand refusal, vehicle towed, held till sober.


1511 hours- Assault- Subject charged.


1515 hours – Alarm Calls – Police responded, house secure, false alarm.


1645 hours- Vehicle Seizure- Driver of vehicle received 4 tickets, and 30-day vehicle impound.


1714 hours- Dispute- Situation was mediated, both parties where separated.


1806 hours – Assist EMS – Police attended, one transported to hospital by EMS.


1845 hours- Found property- Owner will be contacted.


1854 hours- Dispute- Parties separated, situation mediated.


1917 hours- Disturbance- Contacted individuals, everyone was safe and no concerns.


1924 hours – MVA- 3 vehicles, no serious injuries, 3 vehicles towed, $50,000 damage, 1 ticket.


2018 hours – Dispute- Both parties spoken to and told not to contact each other.


2024 hours – Dispute- Both parties separated for the night.


2134 hours – Well Being Check- Person was taken to Hospital to be monitored.


2217 hours – Suspicious Occurrence- Investigated with no grounds for concern.


2332 hours- Unwanted guest- Property was searched and secure, owner notified.


0446 hours- Disturbance- Subject was located safe and sound, no concerns.



911 calls – 6
Warrants executed – 2

Assist another agency-3