Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 September 1 – 2023  September 2

0700 hours   –     0700 hours

Total Calls – 69



0718   –    Unwanted  Guest – Subject arrested for trespassing, ticketed, held in custody until sober.


0804hrs – Recovered Stolen Property – Stolen bicycle returned to owner.


0847hrs – Found Property – Owner contacted. Exhibited.


0850hrs – Mischief – Window shot out of work vehicle overnight, captured on video surveillance. Police continue to investigate.


0852hrs – Possession Stolen Property/Weapon Possess – Subject arrested for possession stolen property, possession weapons, breach of court orders, held until sober.


0905hrs – Unwanted Guest – Mediated.


1015hrs – Theft Under – Suspect stole from convenience store. Still under investigation to identify for charges.


1108hrs – Bike Theft – Bike stolen from rear of vehicle overnight August 27.


1302hrs – Mischief – Kids throwing rocks at house. Kids and parents spoken to.


1413hrs – Well Being Check – Subject gone prior to Police arrival. No safety concerns noted.


1416hrs – Unwanted Guest – Subject previously banned and in establishment. Subject spoken to and advised not to return.


1457hrs – Unwanted Communication – Subject to be spoken to regarding their actions.


1540hrs – Well Being Check – No safety concerns.


1621hrs – Threats – Receiving threatening text messages from known subject. Only wish documented at this time.


1655hrs – Well Being Check – Subject fell off bicycle, medical attention not required.


1724hrs – Unwanted Guest – Subject left upon Police request.


1743hrs – Well Being Check – Subject fine, declined assistance.


1744hrs – Dispute – Situation mediated. Parties separated for the night.


1831hrs – Well Being Check – Subjects located and in good health, did not require Police assistance.


1850hrs – Property Dispute – Mediated


1853hrs – Obstruct PO – Subject walking down street bleeding. Provided false name to Police. Found to have outstanding warrants, be in possession of break & enter tools and be in breach of Court order. Subject arrested and held in custody.


1907hrs – Assault – Subject arrested, held in custody.


2017hrs – Theft Under – Property stolen in last 2 weeks. Police continue to investigate.


2203hrs – Dispute – Alcohol fueled verbal dispute between roommates. Mediated.


2245hrs – Theft Under – Subject stole food from convenience store. Still under investigation for video footage to be provided.


0151hrs – Dispute – Verbal dispute between parties. Mediated.


0314hrs – Assault with Weapon – Police continue to investigate.


0525hrs – Unwanted Guest – Subject moved along.








ASD Demand – 3

Breaches – 4

Warrant Executed – 3

911 Calls – 5