Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 Sept 2– 2023 Sept 3

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 37



0844 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject left residence prior to police arrival. Advised to call police if they were to return.


1130 hours – Dispute – Dispute between family members, mediated by police and advice given.


1230 hours – Unwanted Guest – 2 unwanted guests at a residence, left upon police arrival, house cleared and secured by police.


1310 hours – Well – Being Check – Subject located by police safe and well in their residence.


1340 hours – Driving Dangerous – Individual driving dangerous in the mall parking lot, still under investigation by police to contact the registered owner and warn them of their driving actions.


1358 hours – Dispute – Dispute between parties, advice given by police and advised to contact a lawyer.


1615 hours – Bike Theft – Bike stolen from an apartment sometime last night, still under investigation by police.


1643 hours – Theft – Individuals phone stolen, still under investigation by police.


1948 hours – Well- Being Check – Subject located by police, arrested for breach and public intoxication.


2235 hours – Well-Being Check – Subject located by police and fine, was just having a nap, sent on their way.


0059 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject located at the business, sent on their way and driven home by a friend.


0105 hours – Noise Bylaw – Loud music coming from a residence, silent upon police arrival.




Assist Other Agency – 5

911 Calls – 4