Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 Sept 22– 2023 Sept 23

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 52


0704 hours – Noise bylaw- Dog barking loudly, owner spoken to by police.


0748 hours –Parking bylaw- One ticket was issued.


0954 – Mischief- An unknown vehicle hit barricade causing $2,000 damage at wild animal park.


1025 hours – Unwanted Guest –One subject was ticketed for trespassing.


1113 hours – Suspicious Occurrence-Subject was located no concerns.


1135 hours- Parking Bylaw- Vehicle owner was spoken to and will move it.


1150 hours – Motor Vehicle Collision – Two vehicle accident involving a tree, 1 ticket issued, Two tows and $40,000 damage.


1232 hours – False Alarm call- No forced entry, area checked a family member accidentally tripped alarm.


1255 hours – Trespass- Reported for information.


1255 hours – Mischief- Vehicle vandalized at Zero block Fairford St. East.


1312 hours – Suspicious Occurrence- Report for information.


1341 hours – Found property- Zero Block Fairford Street West, Items exhibited.


1347 hours – Found Property- 400 Block Athabasca Some Items returned to owners, others exhibited.


1350 hours- Dangerous Driver- Driver accidental hit construction cone, was given warning of driving without due care.


1356 hours- Shoplifting- Suspect was located and banned from store.


1416 hours- Theft- 100 block Fairford Street East Items were stolen between hours 10 pm and morning.


1518 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject located and banned from local business.


1557 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject left upon police request.


1732 hours- False Alarm- Owner couldn’t disarm soon enough.


1750 hours- Suspicious person- 900 Block Main St- Subject located spoken to by police, no safety concerns.


1844 hours – Theft- 700 block Athabasca Street East a Home broken into and items taken while homeowner was away, still under investigation.


1908 hours – Dispute- Both parties separated, and one assault charge resulted.


1946 hours – Well Being Check- Parties where located, no concerns for safety.


2052 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was spoken to and agreed to move along, no concerns for safety.


2045 hours- Assist to locate- Individual was found.


2243 Hours- Dangerous driver- Located and given multiple warnings for driving actions.


2319 Hours- Well Being Check- Subject located and arrested for public Intoxication.


0040 Hours- Fire- Prairie Oasis Trailer Park.


0205 Hours- Dispute- Both parties will separate and have a rest.



911 – 5

Assist other Agency – 2

Warrants Executed- 1