Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 Sept 23– 2023 Sept 24

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 37


0701 Hours – Disturbance- Subject was located and spoken to.


0822 Hours –Breach of Probation- Subject was charged with failure to keep the peace.


0918 Hours- Assault- Subject charged with assault.


1031 Hours- Well being Check- No well being concerns.


1124 Hours- Dispute- neighbourly dispute, no concerns.


1122 Hours- Suspicious Person- 1000 block of main street, subject spoken to and asked to leave area. No concerns for safety.


1232 Hours- Well being Check- subject was located safe and sound in care of hospital staff.


1310 Hours- Noise Bylaw- Subject was warned of the noise bylaw.


1400 Hours- Hit and Run- Owner will follow up with police when has a chance to look at their vehicle.


1406 Hours- Unwanted guest- Subject refusing to leave local business on 0 block of Caribou St w, left after police arrived.


1638 Hours- Dispute- Both parties will be spoken to and stop contacting each other.


1643 Hours- License Suspension- Subject received 3-day suspension, 3 day impound, and given a ticket.


1721 Hours- Dispute- Disagreement between underage people.


1735 Hours- Dangerous Driver- Driver was given warning of driving without due care.


1833 Hours- Dispute- Miss communication between parent and child.


1911 Hours- Impaired driver- 1100 block of warner St Sw.


2018 Hours- Wildlife Act- Vehicle hit deer, driver needing assistance to removed deer off highway.


2110 Hours- Break and Enter- Reported for informational purposes, no evidence of items missing.

2122 Hours- Disturbance- Game night turned to loud, no concerns for occupants.


2125 Hours- Suspicious person- Area searched no person fitting description located.

0008 Hours- Shop lifting- All items were returned to owner; Subject was banned form local store.


0214 Hours- Well Being Check- Subject taken to hospital to be checked.








911 – 7

Assist other Agency –1

Warrants Executed- 0