Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 September 29 – 2023 September 30

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –  56



0907 hrs – Disturbance – Neighborhood kids continually knocking on door and running away, getting worse.  Still under investigation to receive video’s to identify kids.


0914 hrs – Theft – Fanny pack containing card holder taken.  Visa card used at local business.  Stil under investigation to obtain video to identify suspect.


0932 hrs – Hit & Run – Occurred yesterday afternoon, suspect known.  Still under investigation to speak with suspect.


1101 hrs – Mischief – Two people on video trying to break into business.  Still under investigation to obtain video to identify suspects.


1207 hrs – Breach of Court Ordre/ Trespass – Two subjects on conditions of no contact found to be in contact with each other.  Both also previously banned from location.  Both subjects charged, held till sober and released to appear in Court at a later date.


1307 hrs – Found Property – Purse found outside apartment building turned into Police.  To be exhibited.


1359 hrs – Unwanted Guest – Male sitting on step of residence, not welcome there.  Sent on his way by Police.


1528 hrs – MVC – 3 vehicle collision resulting in 1 tow, 2 tickets, approximately $50,000 damage.


2031 hrs – Well Being Check – Subject went into two businesses requesting assistance.  Voluntarily went to hospital with EMS.


2056 hrs – Dispute – Two subjects causing issues, kicked out of business.  Subjects located, warned for their actions.


2242 hrs – Assault – Subject charged with assault, released on conditions and to attend Court at a later date.


2311 hrs – Noise Bylaw – Generator running.  Resident spoken to and advised of the bylaw.


0059 hrs – MVC – Vehicle hit two parked vehicles.  Driver found to be in medical distress, transported to hospital by EMS.  Two vehicles towed, 2 tickets issued, approximately $15,000 damage.


0118 hrs – Assault – Consensual fight between two parties, one transported to hospital by EMS with minor injuries.  Still under investigation.


0417 hrs – Fare Fraud – Subject took taxi ride, failed to pay fare.  Still under investigation for video and statement.  Suspect known and to be charged.






Alarm Calls – 2

Warrant Executed – 2

Assist Other Agency – 3

ASD Demand – 1

911 Calls – 13