Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 May 9 – 2022 May 10

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 64



0611 hours- Theft of Auto- Complainant had left spare keys in glove box and GPS tracked the vehicle out of town. Still under investigation.

0617 hours- Noise Bylaw- A lawn company was using powered machines early in the morning.

0620 hours- Theft Under- Compound entered and individual attempted to steal some tools.

701 hours- Hit and Run- Complainants’ vehicle was hit and damaged the front bumper. No suspects.

0721 hours- Mischief-Someone ripped off a meter on a garage. No damages or suspects.

0951 hours-Mischief- Washing machines damaged. No video or witnesses.

1024 hours- Mischief- An individual broke a taillight on a vehicle. Still under investigation/

1026 hours- Well Being Check- An individual was feeling down. Going to be with family.

1031 hours- Mischief-Spray paint to a public area.

1109 hours- Disturbance- Neighbor could hear yelling and screaming outside building.

1112 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- An individual was burning grass in back yard.

1114 hours- Suspicious Person- An individual was arrested for causing a disturbance.

1124 hours- MVA Injury- 1 vehicle towed and ticket issued.

1155 hours- Assist Locate- Still under investigation to locate individual.

1159 hours- Bike found- An individual turned in a bike believed to be stolen.

1201 hours- Disturbance- An individual was charged with uttering threats and Mischief.

1206 hours- Found Property- Belongings’ returned to owner

1210 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject to be charged with uttering threats.

1210 hours-Mischief- Still under investigation to check video.

1218 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Two individuals knocking on doors and had suspicious behaviors.

1235 hours- Hit and Run- Complainants’ truck was hit and has $15,000 in damages.

1238 hours- Driving Dangerous- The vehicle was located and the driver was spoken to.

1244 hours- Hit and Run- Complainants’ vehicle was hit and has $1000 damage. No suspects or witnesses.

1246 hours- Hit and Run- An individual backed up into another vehicle causing damages. Still under investigation to speak to other party.

1310 hours- Parking Bylaw- An individual was moving a boat and trailer into the driveway.

1312 hours- Shoplifting-An individual stole from a store. Owner would like a ban letter issued.

1325 hours- Parking Bylaw- Owner was warned for expired plates, tires marked and still under investigation to check back.

1509 hours- Theft Over- An electronic device was stolen from a storage bay. Still under investigation to review video.

1533 hours- Well Being Check- An individual was located and is fine. Taken to stay with family.

1542 hours- Bike Found- Bike exhibited.

1619 hours- Mischief- Group of kids messing with complainants fence. And will do extra patrols.

1628 hours- Assist Locate- Subject was located and is fine.

1701 hours- Dispute- Civil dispute between two individuals.

1724 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject was given some water and advised to go to social services

1753 hours- Assist Locate- An individual returned home and both parties were spoken to.

1801 hours- Parking Bylaw- Tires were marked and messages were left for the owner

1847 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was arrested for mischief and taken to the hospital to be checked.

1857 hours- Assist Ambulance- subject brought to cells for public intoxication.

1952 hours- Bike Found- Exhibited

1956 hours- Dispute- Between two intoxicated individuals. Situation mediated.

2142 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Still under investigation to identify erratic driver.

2213 hours- Driving Erratic- Message was left with owner.

2310 hours- Assault- Individual was taken to stay with a friend.

147 hours- Unwanted Guest- An individual was refusing to leave a business. Subject left upon police arrival.


911 Calls-

Assist Other Police agency-1