Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 September 30 – 2023 October 1

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –  43



1244 hrs – Dangerous Driving – Vehicle cut complainant off at intersection causing them to have to slam on brakes.  Plate number and vehicle description obtained, registered owner warned of driving actions.


1354 hrs – Public Intox – Subject intoxicated, causing disturbance at residence.  Held in Police cells until sober.


1427 hrs – Unwanted Guest – Subject no longer welcome in business.  Advised not to return.


1559 hrs – Theft – Gas drive off that occurred earlier in day.  Plate number and vehicle description provided.  Police contacted registered owner to return and pay, however has yet to do so.  Still under investigation.


1600 hrs – Assist EMS – Subject in medical distress, transported to Hospital by EMS.


1715 hrs – Suspicious Vehicle – Truck parked behind playground equipment where no vehicles have access to.  Vehicle occupants spoken to.


1724 hrs – Unwanted Guest – Subject set up tent in parking lot, sent on way.


2004 hrs – Breach Court Order – Female in business and on court ordered conditions not to be there.  Charged and released to appear in Court at a later date.


2228 hrs – Assist to Locate – 13 year old boy left home without telling parents.  Boy located a few blocks from home and transported back.


2326 hrs – Vehicle Seizure – Vehicle seized for 30 days as driven by suspended and impoundable driver.  Driver also issued two tickets.


2337 hrs – Theft – Suspect known, to be charged.


0021 hrs – Noise Bylaw – Subjects warned of the noise bylaw.


0138 hrs – Breach Court Order – Subject on Court ordered conditions not to be in store.  To be charged.


0218 hrs – Breach Court Order – Subject on Court ordered conditions not to consume alcohol.  Subject found to be in Breach, charged and held until sober.




Warrant Executed – 1

Assist Other Agency – 3

911 Calls – 5