Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 November 8– 2023 November 9

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 42





0721 hours – Threat- 900 block Main St- Trailor broken in overnight, still under investigation for camera footage.


0934 hours – Fraud- Complainant didn’t loose any money as bank blocked transaction from taking place.


0942 hours – Hit & Run- 1000 block 5th Ave NW-waiting on surveillance video to identify another vehicle.


1038 hours – Mischief- Local business had $200 damages after frustrated shopper.


1125 hours – False Alarm- House sitter forgot to deactivate alarm system.


1204 hours – Found Property- Owner of Proper was located and will pick it up.


1404 hours – Parking Bylaw- Registered Owner spoken to and will move vehicle.


1414 hours – Parking Bylaw- Registered owner was located and moved vehicle, police where no longer needed.


1440 hours – Dispute – Loud Verbal argument, situation mediated.


1436 hours – Parking Bylaw-700 block Elizabeth St- Area searched no illegal parked vehicles located.


1524 hours – Theft Under- Concerned neighbour thought “Porch pirates” took package, but it was an arranged pickup.


1539 hours -MVA Over- 2 Vehicle MVA, 2 Tows, 1 Ticket for failing to yield- $30,000 damages.


1834 hours – Dispute- Custody dispute between 2 parties, advice was given.


1843 hours – Theft Under- 600 Block Hochelaga St. West- A camper was broken into sometime in passed week and approx. $300 in items stolen, still under investigation for camera in area.


1910 hours – Suspicious Occurrence- 400 block Athabasca St W- Unknown number of people causing disturbance in the middle of street.


1919 hours- Hit & Run- 800 Block Lillooet- Occurred around 7 pm, Minor Damages $1000 to one vehicle. Witnesses to provide more information.


1928 hours- Assault- Transferred to local agency for statement.


1934 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Area searched no subjects matching suspect description where not found.


2039 hours- Unwanted guest- Subject was located left on police request.


2055 hours- Assault- Both parties were charged and released on undertaking and conditions to stay away from each other.


2125 hours- Mischief- Suspect was released on appearance notice for damages.


2156 hours- Unwanted Guest- 100 block Manitoba St- subject was located and left upon request.


2200 hours- Unwanted Guest- 600 block 2nd Ave- Subject was located and left upon request.


2347 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Area searched, no description, no damages.


0049 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject located and moved along,


0110 hours- Unwanted Guest- 100 Block Manitoba St- Subject was located and moved along.


0552 hours-Suspicious vehicle- Vehicle located occupants spoken to and moved along.








911 Calls- 8

Alarm Calls – 1

Parking Bylaw – 3

Assist Other Agency – 3

Warrants Executed – 1