Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 November 27– 2023 November 28

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –34




0715 Hours- Dispute- Tenant dispute wanting police advice.


0905 Hours – Suspicious Vehicle- Owner moved vehicle.


0908 Hours – Parking Bylaw- Owner agreed to move vehicle of the street.


0923 Hours – Impaired Driving- Indefinite vehicle suspension, 30 impound, 3 tickets.


0939 Hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Area searched no one matching description located.


1054 Hours – Parking Bylaw- Spoke with the registered owner of vehicle and they will move it.


1102 Hours – Suspicious Occurrence- Family spoken to and warned of dangers of playing on ice.


1103 Hours –Dispute- Both parties where separated.


1104 Hours – Unwanted Guest – Advice and alternative resources was given.


1242 Hours – Unwanted Guest- Subject was located and sent on their way.


1251 Hours – Found Property- Property turn in, owner located and picked up their belongings.


1401 Hours – Theft Over- Damage to local business property, and items stolen, looking into video surveillance.


1433 Hours – Theft Under- Subject to be charged with theft, uttering threats, assault.


1438 Hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was located and moved along.


1518 Hours- Threats- Subject was warned for uttering threats.


1605 Hours- Dispute- Parties agreed to separate.


1632 Hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Reported for information, advice was given to block communication.


1648 Hours- Dispute- Not a police matter, Civil matter.


2115 Hours- Both partied separated for the night and advised to stay away from each other.


0825 Hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject found and moved along.


0021 Hours- Dispute- Both parties separated for the night, no safety concerns.


0414 Hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Area searched, no one matching description.


0427 Hours- Dangerous driving- Area searched, unable to locate due to lack of description.







911 Calls- 4

Disputes – 4

Assist Other Agency – 3