Calls For Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 November 30 – 2023 December 1

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 71




1010 Hours – Bike Theft – Still under investigation to speak to all parties involved.

1027 Hours – Unwanted Guest – Business contacted police as a subject was refusing to leave, subject was arrested for public intoxication and held in cells.

1147 Hours – Harassing Calls – Police provided advice to party involved.

1203 Hours – Threats – Statements obtained, still under investigation.

1256 Hours – Well-Being Check – Police located subject who is safe and well, no police concerns.

1310 Hours – Assistance to Sick Person – Police attended to a residence and assisted EMS with a subject.

1415 Hours – Theft Under – Business will complete a package and forward it to police to investigate.

1436 Hours – Break and Enter – Sometime over the last weekend, a garage was entered with numerous items being stolen, still under investigation.

1445 Hours – Unwanted Guest – Police removed a subject who was at a banned location, subject sent on their way.

1519 Hours – Theft Under – Business entered with personal accessories stolen, still under investigation for video to proceed with charges.

1608 Hours – Theft Under – Vehicle entered at a business with items stolen, still under investigation to receive and view video.

1719 Hours – Trespass – Subject trespassed on business property, police awaiting photos and statement.

1749 Hours – Intoxicated Person – Police arrested a intoxicated person outside a business, held in cells and to be released when sober.

1819 Hours – Mischief – Police attended to a residence where a subject damaged a property, subject to be charged with mischief.

1924 Hours – Suspicious Person – Subject was walking the side of the highway, police assisted and provided resources to the subject.

2244 Hours – Suspicious Vehicle – Police arrived to a business where a vehicle was parked, subject was lurking around the lot, subject was identified and arrested on outstanding warrants.

2310 Hours – Dispute – Caller could hear yelling and fighting in a residence, police arrived and assisted with one party who refused to provide any information.

2332 Hours – Unwanted Guest – Disturbance was occurring outside a bar, subject was sent on their way with the situation being mediated.

2346 Hours – Well-Being Check – Subject was located and transported to the hospital, left in their care.

0030 Hours – Suspicious Occurrence – Police attended to the area and arrested a subject on warrants, subject held in cells for court.

Assist Other Agency – 6

Breaches – 5

Bylaws – 3

Warrant Executed – 9


911 Calls – 8