Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 December 4 – 2023 December 5

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –51




0706 Hours- Disturbance- Subject was located and spoken with, no safety concerns.

0832 Hours- Traffic obstruction- Police where needed for traffic control.

0907 Hours- MVA over- One vehicle towed.

1004 Hours- Dispute- Advice was given on how to move forward with an eviction.

1138 Hours – Unwanted Guest- Local motel needed occupants out of unit before checkout, left upon police arrival.

1151 Hours – Theft Under- Between Oct. 19 and Nov. 23 a vehicle was broken into, and items stolen in parking lot on the 1700 block of Main St.

1207 Hours – Parking bylaw- Vehicle was parked blocking driveway, tires where marked.

1227 Hours – Mischief- Local business on the 100 Block of Main Street had windows broken.

1232 Hours – Theft Under- Local Gas station on South hill had an accidental gas drive off, subject went back and paid.

1238 Hours – Dispute- Advice was given over the situation being a civil issue, and officers will come if any criminal issue arises.

1346 Hours – Fraud- Still under investigation for more documentation.

1413 Hours – Dispute- Advice was given.

1439 Hours – Bylaw- Ticket was issued for unmarked tobacco.

1518 Hours – Break and Enter- Area was searched, nothing taken, no one inside, complainant was notified of the outcome.

1605 Hours – Theft of Auto- Vehicle was mistakenly towed, never stolen.

1629 Hours – Lost property- Reported for informational purposes.

1640 Hours – Assist to Locate- Child didn’t tell parents where it would be after school, was at a friend house. Child was located and taken back to family home.

1711 Hours – Dangerous Dog- 2 Dogs where at large running down the street without any owner present, reported for information.

1725 Hours – Suspicious Person- 0 Block Home St- Two people where walking though yards checking vehicles, area searched unable to locate suspects.

1734 Hours- Mischief- 800 block Main St North- Door of building was damaged, and suspect was inside. Suspect was charged with mischief and banned from location.

1744 Hours – Unwanted guest- While homeowner was away, they got notified that people were coming and going from house by neighbour, no signs of forced entry, homeowner was notified.

1916 Hours – Dispute – Third party arrived at address to pick up personal belongings of another individual without informing homeowner first, advice to arrange pickup times was given.

2137 Hours- Fire Call- Wrong burner was turned on at residence melted plate causing smoke but no damages.

2143 Hours- Dispute- Verbal argument, situation mediated.

2223 Hours- Noise Bylaw- Semi Driver was advised of noise bylaw and asked to move due to having truck running for long period of time.

2229 hours- Mischief- Local motel on 100 block of Main Street was vandalized by having door handle broken causing $200 damage, still under investigation for video.

2314 hours- Disturbance- Subject was spoken to regarding misuse of emergency services.

0002 hours- Break and Enter- Unit on 300 block of Ominca Street was broken into between hours of 4pm and 12 am through a window.

0129 Hours- Unwanted guest- Subject was located and asked to leave the area.

0511 Hours- Break and enter- Police continue to investigate.

0534 Hours- False Alarm Call – Compound locked, building secure.


Assist Other Agency – 10

Well being check – 6

Unwanted guest – 6

Warrant Executed – 2


911 Calls – 4