Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 December 13 – 2023 December 14

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 52




0812 hours- Property Found- Exhibited to be returned to owner.

0912 hours- Building Insecurity- Vacant buildings on property searched.

0928 hours- Driving Impaired- Subject was issued 21-day licence suspension, and vehicle impound for 7 days.

1010 hours- Break and Enter- Basement was broken into over the weekend and stolen tools.

1040 hours- Hit & Run- Reported for information and file number was provided.

1047 hours- Bike Theft- Wood lily court- Bike lock was cut and stolen between 10 pm and 10 am.

1110 hours- Parking Bylaw- Vehicle owner was issued ticket for parking while prohibited.

1133 hours- Assist EMS- Subject was taken by EMS to hospital.

1135 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was gone on arrival and owner was advised to secure building.

1142 hours- Trespass- Statement was obtained, sui to locate subject and issue trespass ticket.

1220 hours- Hit & Run- Canadian Tire Parking lot officer to assist with name exchange.

1226 hours- Threats- Reported for information.

1259 hours- Unwanted guest- Business on 1200 Main Street north subject got physical with staff and will be charged.

1312 hours- Suspicious Vehicle- Vehicle was not in recent collision, no further police involvement needed.

1342 hours- Threats- Parties placing threats, police attended no safety concerns.

1355 hours- Disturbance- 100 block of Manitoba Street west- Subject was upset and will calm down.

1358 hours- Assault- Business in 100 block 1st Ave a staff member was assaulted; statement and video were obtained to identify the suspect.

1403 hours- Shoplifting- Suspect was located and charged with public intoxication and released when sober.


1420 hours- Unwanted guest- Subject to be ticketed for trespassing.

1611 hours- Found Property- Sui to contact owner and return lost property.

1614 hours- Dangerous Dog- Dog owned by business, staff will remember to keep the dog inside.

1648 hours- Unwanted guest- Subject left premise and advised that they are banned.

1742 hours- Dispute- Advice was given that it is not a police matter, buyer beware situation.

1946 hours- Unwanted guest- Subjects were located and asked to leave area, advice was given to get assistance.

2235 hours- Assist ambulance- Subject was taken to hospital with EMS.

0021 hours- Disturbance- Subject was locked out of hotel room, Forman got a key and let him in.

0349 hours- Theft- Suspect was located and gave stolen items back to owner.


Well being checks-3

Warrant Executed – 2

911 Calls – 6