Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 December 14 – 2023 December 15

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 60




0800 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was located and issued ticket for trespassing.

0839 hours- Theft of Auto- Still under investigation.

0853 hours- Parking Bylaw- RO was contacted and will try and find a way to have someone move it.

0914 hours- Break and Enter- 400 Block Coteau St W- Garage was broken into and $2500 worth of tools where stolen.

0917 hours- Mischief- 200 High St E- Subject was located and charged with breach of release order and wilful damage.

0947 hours- Parking Bylaw- Vehicle was located and issued parking ticket.

1004 hours- Parking Bylaw- Vehicle located and tires marked.

1007 hours- Theft Under- Vehicle keys went missing reported for information.

1018 hours- MVA Over- One tow, $7500 Damage, no injuries, one charge for driving without due care or attention.

1052 hours- Found bike- Assigned to commissioners.

1201 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Power outage and blown fuse concerned homeowner.

1256 hours- Impaired Driver- Vehicle was located driver was given 3-day licence suspension and 3-days impound, issued one ticket.

1257 hours- Dispute- Situation was mediated, property was returned.

1322 hours- Dangerous Driver- Vehicle was located and driver was issued 2 warnings for driving actions.

1339 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Area searched, nothing alarming.

1434 hours- Harassing Calls- Complainant wanted calls reported for information.

1447 hours- Trespass- Landlord was advised on options of moving forward.

1547 hours- Dangerous Driving- Registered owner was warned of their driving actions.


1910 hours- Dispute- Party was having a verbal argument, agreed to keep it down.

1927 hours- Shoplifting- Both parties were located and banned from local business.

1928 hours- Dispute- Custody dispute over property, advice was given.

2043 hours- Mischief- Suspect was located and warned and to go home.

2208 hours- Shoplifting- Both Parties were banned from Superstore and charged with theft Under.

2225 hours- Suspicious occurrence- Was just staff locking up store for the night.

2259 hours- Unwanted guest- Subject was located and sent on his way.

2349 hours- Barking Dogs- Spoke to the owner of the dogs and advised of the bylaw.

0052 hours- Barking Dog- No Barking dogs upon arrival, owner was given verbal warning.



Well being checks-11

Unwanted guests- 7

911 Calls – 14