Calls For Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 May 16 – 2022 May 17

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 53




0827 hours – Theft Under– Still Under Investigation to obtain video from business.


0933 hours – Assault – Complainant not wanting subject charged. Warned.


0941 hours – Dispute – Individual looking for advice regarding dispute. Options and advice provided


1038 hours – Shoplifting – Individual attempted theft but was caught. Still under investigation for possible charges.


1248 hours – Well Being Check – subject located and is fine, going to stay with family


1558 hours – Harassing Calls – Individual offered advice and steps to take.


1636 hours- Well Being Check- Individual located and asked to move along.


1728 hours- Dispute- Between 3 individuals. Situation mediated.


1738 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Large number of bikes found. All old bike, serial numbers queried and none had been reported stolen.


1846 hours – Shoplifting – Subject identified and charged with theft and assault


1855 hours- Bylaw- Report of quad being driven in city. Subject warned of the Bylaw.


1933 hours- Barking Dog- Individual warned of the Bylaw.


2109 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located by other police agency.


0020 hours- Breach Release Order- Subject found to be breaching court order. Released for court at a later date.




911 calls – 5

Warrants executed – 3

Curfew Check- 3