Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 January 30 – 2024 January 31

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 46




0856 Hours – Unwanted Guest- No police involvement was necessary due to it being a civil dispute.


0908 Hours – Assault- Suspect was arrested for assault with a weapon and held for court.


0912 Hours – Break & Enter- 200 Block Main Street South­- Subject tried to break into building through a door, causing property damage.


0929 Hours – Suspicious Occurrence- Advice and clarification was given on previous occurrence.


0954 Hours –Suspicious Occurrence- Subject was charged with assault as well as uttering threats and released on conditions.


1015 Hours – MVA- Report was made for insurance purposes.


1054 Hours- Parking Bylaw- Assigned to commissioners.


1126 Hours- Suspicious Vehicle- Vehicle was located parked legally, owner was walking dog in the area.


1155 Hours- Suspicious Vehicle- Vehicle was located parked in private parking lot, was not stolen, advice was given to have it towed at property owners will.


1253 Hours- Hit & Run- Vehicle was hit in the Pet Value parking lot, still under investigation for video.


1300 Hours- Theft- Subject was located inside the Superstore, warned, and given ban letter.


1321 Hours- Hit & Run- Vehicle parked on the street had been hit by unknown vehicle on 800 block of Main Street, causing approx. $300 damage.


1321 Hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Area was searched for item that was reported, unable to locate it.


1427 Hours- Hit & Run-Occurred in the Town & country Mall on Jan 19th causing $1000 damage to the car.


1429 Hours- Dispute- Advice was given to call back if police assistance was needed.


1538 Hours-Suspicious Vehicle- Subject was issued two tickets for driving motorbike through park.



1552 Hours- Found Property- Exhibited for disposal.


1618 Hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Between hours of 6:30am-3:30pm damage was done to front door of home, still under investigation to obtain video.


1636 Hours- Dangerous Driver- Follow-up with registered owner of vehicle.


1642 Hours- Noise Bylaw- Home owner turned music down when requested.


1703 Hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was located and left upon request.


1722 Hours- Dispute- Home was attended verbal argument between two parties nothing physical.


2009 Hours- Noise Bylaw- Subject was located and warned of bylaw.


2028 Hours- Parking Bylaw- Registered owner was contacted and will move by morning or vehicle will be towed.


2030 Hours- Vehicle Seizure- 30 day impound due to driving without a licence.


2115 Hours- MVA- Vehicle rolled over causing $3500 damage, no injuries, one tow. Driver was charged with impaired driving, and possession of a prohibited weapon.


2250 Hours- Noise Bylaw- Home occupants were warned of bylaw and asked to keep the music down.


0019 Hours- Shoplifting- Two unknown females stole $10 worth of items, still under investigation to identify subjects.


0109 Hours- Suspicious Person- Police assisted with getting belongings, area searched suspect was not located.


0200 Hours- Suspicious Person- Person was located but did not need any police assistance.


0427 Hours- Break & Enter- Two suspects located where charged and released for court at a later date.



Warrants Executed – 2

Assist Other Agency – 5


911 Calls – 6