Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 February 10 – 2024 February 11

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 54




0827 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject located and charged with trespassing.


1103 hours – Threats – No physical threats were made, advise was provided to the complainant.


1257 hours – Theft Under – Occurred in the 1000 block Clifton Ave, garage broken into, reported for information.


1416 hours – Suspicious Person – Spoke with subject, they’re fine and will go to Tim Hortons to warm up.


1429 hours – Barking Dog – Dog was inside the residence upon police arrival, spoke with the owner of the dog.


1443 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject had left prior to police arrival.


1514 hours – Unwanted Guest – Spoke with staff and they advised that the subject had left the premise prior to police arrival.


1527 hours – Hit and Run – Occurred in the area of 1st Ave NE at Athabasca St E, complainant will attend to the station to speak with officers.


1622 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject left upon police request and advised they are banned from the premise.


1748 hours – Well Being Check – Spoke with complainant, no safety concerns at this time.


1820 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subjects left upon police request and told to come back tomorrow to grab rest of belongings.


2129 hours – Trespass – Subject had left prior to police arrival.


2201 hours – Well Being Check – Spoke to subject and they were fine, no safety concerns just adjusting to new medication.


0054 hours – Intoxicated Person – Subject arrested for public intoxication, will be released when sober.


0138 hours – Well Being Check – Subject went with EMS to the hospital and left in their care.


0228 hours – Dispute – Spoke with both parties involved, situation mediated.


0411 hours – Well Being Check – Spoke with subject, they’re going through a tough time, family there to support and take care of her.



Assist another agency- 5

911- 6

Warrant Executed – 1

Alarm Call – 2