Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 February 17 – 2024 February 18

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 43


0925 hours – Mischief – Between Monday 12 and present 50L of gas was stole out of truck parked on the 1200 block Coteau St.


1027 hours – False 911 – Area was searched with coordinates given, no emergency.


1028 hours – Parking Bylaw– Registered owner to be contacted and made aware of concerns.


1058 hours –SO TOXA- Subject issued 60 Day licence suspension and a ticket.


1140 hours – Assault- Suspect to be charged with assault.


1203 hours – Traffic obstruction- Area attended no obstructions in the road.


1214 hours – Mischief- Back window of vehicle was smashed out on the 1600 block of Main St, approximately $1000 damage.


1228 hours – Unwanted Guest- Left upon request.


1237 hours – Breach- Subject attended a store when being on conditions not to, got charged with breach.


1321 hours – Theft- Two Backpacks were stolen with iPad, chargers, and Xbox controllers were stolen out of vehicle.


1352 hours –Suspicious Person- Concerned neighbours seen some people that where unknown to them, wanted to report to have area checked.


1355 hours –Mischief- Vehicle window was scratched, needed to file report for insurance purposes.


1454 hours – Fraud- Reported for information, no loss of money.


1529 hours- Trespass- Subject was issued with two tickets for trespass and sent on their way.


1654 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Complainant was concerned phone might have been hacked, advice was give.


1726 hours- Mischief – Subject was identified, still under investigation if charges will be laid.


1749 hours- Theft- Amazon delivery was stolen of doorstep, for insurance purposes needing a file #.


1753 hours- Possession- Subject was in possession of stolen property, charged and Items to be returned to owner.


1929 hours- Licence suspension- Subject received a 3-day licence suspension and 3 day impound for impaired driving warning.


2039 hours- Break & Enter- K 9 track as well as drones were used to follow tracks left by subjects, still under investigation.


2131 hours- Disturbance- Subject agreed to leave the area and rest for the night.


2217 hours- Licence Suspension- Driver tested positive for THC and received a 60 day licence suspension and a 3 day impound.


2332 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was arrested for outstanding warrants out of regina.


0141 hours- Well being check- Subject had to much to drink, was taken home and left in care of family for the night.


0248 hours- Fraud- Subject used a taxicab and did not pay, taxi company to supply photo of subject for identification.



Well Being Check-2

Bar Check-4

911- 2

Alarm Call – 1