Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 February 18 – 2024 February 19

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 19




0803 hours – Unwanted Guest-Subject was located and left upon request.


0842 hours – Found Property- Wallet to be returned to the owner.


1046 hours – Hit & Run- Reported for informational purposes and to receive file# for SGI.


1119 hours –Unwanted Guest- Subject was reported for smoking inside building, to be given smoking bylaw ticket.


1252 hours – Possession of Stolen Property-Suspect arrested for trespassing and tampering with motor vehicle, issued two tickets and charged with possession of stolen property.


1315 hours – Threats- Advice was given to contact Regina Police Service.


1421 hours – Hit & Run- Reported for informational purposes, subject plate provided doesn’t match the vehicle description.


1500 hours – Theft- Good Samaritan returned $200 worth of product that had been stolen, suspect to be charged.


1533 hours – Erratic Driving- Registered owner was spoken to and will speak to the driver of vehicle regarding driving.


1634 hours – Impaired- Driver Failed Alcohol screening to be charged with impaired driving, received 60 days impound.


1720 hours –Harassing Calls- Under investigation to contact subject.


2050 hours –Theft- Subject to be charged with theft.


2028 hours – Theft- Subject to be banned from store.


2137 hours-Suspicious Occurrence- Area searched, no one matching description located.


2317 hours- Noise Bylaw- Subject was warned about the noise bylaw.


2357 hours-Unwanted Guest- Subject was smoking inside lobby, had left prior to police arrival.





Thefts- 3

Hit & Run-1

911- 1