Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 March 17 – 2024 March 18

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 25



0718 hours – Unwanted Guest- No one matching description was located.


1116 hours – Dogs Barking- Unattended dogs where barking at people, owner returned shorty and took dogs.


1242 hours – Unwanted Guest- Subject was located and ticketed under the cannabis control act, for smoking in public area.


1306 hours – Theft Under- Subject located and charged with theft under and released on appearance notice for court, as well as trespass ticket.


1419 hours – Found Property- Exhibited for destruction.


1448 hours – Dispute- Two subject where having argument over money, situation mediated, advice provided.


1452 hours – Weapons Call- Two people bought pop guns from dollar store, where warned not to do that in public area.


1523 hours – Dispute- Both parties where separated, advice was given.


1607 hours – Dispute- Civil Matter, Advice was given how to retrieve property.


1700 hours – Threats- Still under investigation for statement.


1808 hours – Found Property- Exhibited for found property.


1826 hours – Impaired Driving- Subject was located and charged with impaired and exceed, 60 days impound, released for court.


1850 hours – Unwanted Guest- Subject was arrested on outstanding warrants, held till sober.


1929 hours – Hit & Run- Vehicle was hit on the 1200 block of 3rd ave NE sometime between March 17-18.


2050 hours – Dispute- Verbal argument, nothing physical, both parties separated for the night.


2106 hours – Shoplifting- Subject stole basket full of items, still under investigation for video.


2123 hours – Unwanted Guest- Subject left upon police arrival.



Well being checks- 3

911- 2