Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 April 22- 2024 April 23,

0700 hours – 0700hours

Calls for service: 49


0724 hours. Public Intoxication. Subject arrested for public intoxication.

0747 hours. Well Being Check. Subject was asked to relocate.

0806 Hours. Trespassing. Subject banned from premises.

817 Hours. Trespassing. Subject was brought to cells.

835 Hours. Threats. Subject was charged and banned from premises.

858 Hours. Threats.  The situation was mediated.

1141 Hours. Unwanted Guest.  Subject arrested on warrants.

1157 Hours. Dispute. The situation was mediated.

1247Hhours. Motor Vehicle Collision. 3 Vehicle collision, approximately $30,000 in damages and 1 ticket issued.

1440 Hours. Suspicious People. Subjects had warrants executed.

1512 Hour.  Break and Enter.  Still Under Investigation, follow up required.

1625 Hours. License Suspension. Subject had license suspended due to intoxication.

1710 Hours. Noisy Dog. Subject warned about dog barking.

1943 Hours. Disturbance. Altercation between two individuals, one was charged with public intoxication.

1949 Hours. Shoplifting. Subjects were charged with theft.

2126 Hours. Runaway. Subject ran away from home still under investigation.

2254 Hours. Dangerous Driving. Driver was warned about driving.

0045 Hours. Mischief. Subject charged with mischief.

0202 Hours.   Mischief.  Subject was causing a scene, told to go inside.




Warrants Executed: 5

ASD: 2

911 Calls:  7