Calls For Service

Moose Jaw Police Service
2024 July 10 – 2024 July 11
0700 hours – 0700 hours
Total Calls – 65

0801 Hours – Unwanted guest – Subject was crushing cans on private property; police drove subject to Sarcan.

0813 Hours – Unwanted guest – Police responded to an unwanted guest sleeping on sidewalk, individual moved along.

0842 Hours – Suspicious person – Police responded to a suspicious person hiding in the complainant’s neighbour’s back yard. Individual arrested on warrants.

0910 Hours – Theft under – Between 715pm previous night and time of call, complainant’s vehicle was broken in to and keys taken.

0921 Hours – Harassing calls – Complainant’s ex making harassing calls; police spoke to subject who agreed to stop.

0949 Hours – Fraud – Complainant out $977.54 due to online e-transfer scam; police advised to speak to bank.

1132 Hours – Fraud – Complainant out $9550 due to bitcoin scam, police continue to investigate to speak with complainant.

1259 Hours – Fraud – Complainant gave name and address to an online scammer; police gave advice.

1350 Hours – Dispute – Police responded to 2 individuals arguing over property, mediated dispute.

1522 Hours – MVA injury – Police responded to a 2 vehicle MVA, 2 tows required and 1 minor injury.

1530 Hours – Hit and Run – Complainant’s vehicle was damaged around 1450 hours by unknown vehicle; file provided for SGI.

1541 Hours – Harassing calls – Complainant receiving unwanted calls to home business; police continue to investigate to determine who is calling.

1617 Hours – Fraud – Unknown suspect attempted to access complainant’s computer and attempted to take $50,000 from account. Police advised to tell bank and cancel cards.

1808 Hours – Trespass – Police responded to a report of a subject trespassing, issued ticket.
1900 Hours – Harassing calls – Unknown subject attempting to blackmail complainant; police advised to block subject and report to Snapchat.

2118 Hours – Unwanted guest – Police responded to an unwanted guest; subject arrested for public intoxication and held in cells until sober.

2206 Hours – Landlord/tenant situation – Police responded to a complainant wanting advice regarding a tenant’s dog. Police provided advice and told to stay separate for the night.

2251 Hours – Mischief – Police were advised that a subject had reconnected power after Saskpower disconnected it; police continue to investigate to speak with Saskpower.

0101 Hours – Unwanted guest – Police responded to an unwanted guest, subject charged with breach of conditions, warrants executed.

0326 Hours – Shoplifting – Police arrested 2 subjects for theft.

Assist Other Agency – 3
Breach – 1
Foot patrol – 2
Warrant executed – 2

911 Calls – 4