Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 June 19– 2022 June 20

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 50




0731 hours- Theft Under- Vehicle broken into overnight and property stolen.

0959 hours- Threats- dispute between two individuals. Reported for information purposes.

1038 hours- Weapons call- Still under investigation

1052 hours- Bike Found- Two bikes found in parking lot, will be picked up

1146 hours- Unwanted Guest- Dispute Between two individuals over property, advice was given on how to manage division

1247 hours- Mischief- Three people charged with mischief for breaking into motorhome

1434 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject was advised was a verbal argument options were provided

1457 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual was removed from family’s residence and warned not to return.

1501 hours-Hit and Run- Complainants vehicle was hit while in parking lot, still under investigation

1625 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject was taken to hospital and will be admitted

1637 hours- Driving Dangerous- Owner of the vehicle was warned for harassment and driving actions and both individuals were sent on their way

1645 hours- Threats- both parties were intoxicated and situation mediated

1649 hours- Well being Check- The individual walked into a residence and wouldn’t answer door, still under investigation

1654 hours- Harrassing Calls- Subject was warned for harassing communications

1709 hours- MVA Over- Two vehicle accident. No injuries, Approximately $40, 000 in damages and one ticket issued

1826 hours- Well being Check- An individual was sitting in their vehicle using Wifi from a business and will move along

1839 hours- Assault- Subject charged with assault on an individual

1901 hours- Assist Ambulance- An individual was choking on food and was fine.

1915 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals. Still under investigation to speak to complainant

1937 hours- Unwanted Guest- Complainant will bring ban letter to station as subject continues to come back to property

1948 hours- Mischief-A subject smashed a window. Complainant was advised to call the Rentalsman

1950 hours- Assist Locate- still under investigation to locate the individual. Family has been notified

2012 hours- Suicidal Ideation- Individual was feeling down and states she is fine

2033 hours- Breach of Undertaking- Individual was charged for having no contact condition

2049 hours- Unwanted Guest- An individual was sleeping outside a business and was sent on his way

2104 hours- Assault-A family member was assaulted by an individual during an altercation

2107 hours- Unwanted Guest- An individual was sleeping in a business and was asked to leave business.

2113 hours- Theft Under- Complainant will send in photos of his stolen bike and the suspect who may be in possession

2117 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Dispute between two individuals. Situation mediated

2143 hours- Break and Enter- An individual and his friends were taken from the residence to a family members

2206 hours- Assist Locate- The complainant called back and the subject was located

0039 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals. Spoke to complainant and will call police if the person shows up

0410 hours- Dispute- An individual was wanting damage deposit back, was advised civil matter


Assist other agencies – 1

Warrants Executed – 2

9-1-1 Calls – 7