Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service
2022 March 14 – 2022 March 15
0700 hours – 0700 hours
Total Calls – 39

0852 hours- Fraud- Money invested into an organization. Still under investigation to see if it is a scam.

0909 hours- Mischief- Overnight someone damaged a vehicle’s ignition. Still under investigation.

1014 hours- Suspicious Occurrence-An older individual was at a park and interacting with kids. Still under investigation.

1023 hours- Dog Barking- The home owner was spoken to and situation was resolved.

1032 hours- Mischief- There was a vehicle entered overnight. Still under investigation.

1033 hours- Theft Under- Sometime within the last 2 months fuel was taken from a vehicle. Still under investigation.

1035 hours- Mischief- Vehicle rummaged through. No damage or nothing stolen. Still under investigation.

1059 hours- Threats- Between two student. The school was made aware of the incident.

1112 hours- Hit and Run- Between two vehicles. Assisted in name exchange. The 2nd party attended.

1146 hours- Theft Under- Sometime overnight a vehicle was entered and $4000 worth of items were stolen.

1205 hours- Assist Ambulance- An individual overdosed and was taken to hospital with EMS.

1555 hours- Theft Under- A vehicle was rummaged through and items were stolen. No damages to the vehicle.

1635 hours- Fraud- Disagreement between two parties. Still under investigation to contact the seller.

1755 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals. Still under investigation.

1929 hours- Driving Impaired- An individual was charged with Refusal and Impaired Driving.

1936 hours- Assault- An individual went into a business and was hurt. They were taken to the hospital. Still under investigation.

2102 hours-Assault- Between a few individuals. One individual was charged and held in cells.

2202 hours- Assist locate- An individual was not at home for curfew. They returned home shortly after and were fine.

0151 hours- MVA- Semi Vs. Train Bridge.  Approximatley $20,000 damage and 1 ticket issued.

0237 hours- Assist Ambulance- A subject overdosed and was taken to hospital with EMS.

911 Calls – 5
Warrants Executed – 1
Assist Other Gov’t Agency- 3
Assist Other Police Agency- 2