Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 July 22 – 2022 July 23

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 60


0843 hours- Assist Ambulance- Medical issue and patient transported with EMS.


0855 hours- Hit and Run- Vehicle hit in parking lot, damages to front. No suspects or witnesses.


0915 hours- Bike Theft- Bike stolen and camera damaged.


0923 hours- Dispute- Situation mediated and an individual was warned.


1010 hours- Well Being Check- Spoke to individual and she is connected to resources.


1015 hours- Mischief- building damaged by kicking door.


1029 hours- Disturbance- Subject was arrested for public intoxication.


1057 hours- Landlord/Tenant Situation- Still under investigation.


1331 hours- Found Property- Men’s wallet found with cash and cards inside.


1440 hours- Theft Under- Recycling stolen from yard. Still under investigation.


1533 hours- Dispute Between Neighbors- No criminal charges, One individual was issued a ticket.


1619 hours- MVA Over- Two vehicle motor accident, No injuries. 1 tow and ticket issued.


1620 hours-Careless Driving- An individual was driving close to complainant. Still under investigation.


1622 hours- Dispute Between Neighbors- Ongoing dispute between two neighbors, situation mediated


1647 hours- Hit and Run- Still under investigation.


1723 hours- Shoplifting- Still under investigation to locate suspect.


1742 hours- Trespass- Ongoing dispute between two individuals. Advice was given.


1748 hours- MVA Injury- Two vehicle motor vehicle. 1 injured and transported to hospital.  SUI.


1854 hours- Dispute- Family dispute, situation mediated.


1901 hours- Shoplifting- Subject stole items from store. Still under investigation.


1959 hours- Dispute- Neighbor dispute, situation mediated.


2044 hours- Assault- An individual was charged with assault.


2136 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject was having delusions – taken to hospital.


2205 hours- Driving Erratic- Still under investigation.


2259 hours- Driving Erratic- Driver was spoken to and denied any erratic actions.



911 calls –12

Warrants Executed – 7
Assist Other Police Agency- 1

Alarm Calls-2